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The Anti-Aging Benefits Of GH-3 

What Is GH-3, What Does It Do, How Does It Do It?

In 1949 at the Geriatric Institute in Bucharest the famous Anti-Aging Scientist Dr. Ana Aslan, working with Dr. C.I. Parhon, conducted research on studies to prove "aging is treatable and curable." They were convinced scientists would find a cure for degenerative cellular breakdown associated with aging. What they discovered is the most famous and successful anti-aging substance of all time. GH-3.

Following extensive clinical tests of 7,600 patients, GH-3 was licensed "for the prevention and treatment of aging and associated diseases". Thousands of studies conducted have since verified GH-3 as effective in treating a variety of diseases associated with the aging process.

Back then it was spoken about in whispers and reserved for world leaders like: Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Charles De Gaulle, Winston Churchill, Konrad Adenauer and Mao Tse Tung; and a few wealthy celebrities Like Marlene Dietrich, Somerset Maugham, Kirk Douglas , George Burns and Charlie Chaplin; all of whom attested to the benefits of GH-3.


In addition to its acknowledged anti-aging abilities, GH-3 is now being tested for unrelated benefits. i.e. a cure for depression, arthritis, memory loss, & impotence. Dr. O.C. Hudson reports success in these and many other areas.


Double blind studies at Duke University, by Dr. W.K. Zung, found GH-3 even more effective in treating depression than the popular anti-depressant drug Imipramine.


A controlled test by Dr. Sidney M. Cohen (Professor of Psychiatry at U.C.L.A.) and Dr. Keith S. Ditman proved GH-3 to be an effective Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) inhibitor with "subjective improvement of depression in 35 out of 45 patients."

GH-3 is unquestionably the greatest, most scrutinized anti-aging discovery known, continues to be examined and subjected to scientific investigation. Nothing is as effective for so many ailments or for increasing human life span.

There are thousands of reports, double blind studies and case histories conducted on hundreds of thousands of people, in virtually every country on earth. You may access them at the National Library of Medicine.  Another good source of information is the book: “GH-3 Will It Keep You Younger?” by Herbert  Baily.

In addition to studies conducted by Dr. Aslan, Professor E. Pakesch, and Dr. Gainsford G. Harrison, on the Life Extending abilities of GH-3; French scientists reported a 20% increase  in  the  life span  of  laboratory  rats  given  GH-3. In humans this translates to an  “increase” in life span, of from 69  to 90  years.

Germany’s Dr. F. Peterson reports a success rate of 95.4% using GH-3 treating patients with cerebral arteriosclerosis  (hardening of brain tissue).

Dr. P. Braunsteiner, also in Germany, successfully treated a group of elderly patients suffering from hearing loss with  GH-3; and Dr. Erwin Gohrbandt reported "dramatic improvements” with GH-3, in 87 patients suffering from  Multiple Sclerosis.

N. K. Gorbadei found GH-3 effective in the treatment of ulcers and asthma. And Dr. M. Good of the Charterhouse Rheumatism Clinic, endorses GH-3 treating rheumatic patients:  “It would  be  hard  to match by  any  other  method  of  therapy.”

Scientists continue to study GH-3; its additional benefits, and how it works. In one properly controlled double blind study by Dr. W. K. Zung,  using  GH-3  at   Duke  University,  it was found that  GH-3 was not only more effective in treating depression  than  the  placebo,  it  was  significantly  more  effective  than  even  the  popular  anti-depressant  drug  Imipramine.

In another controlled double blind study at U.C.L.A., Professor of Psychiatry S. M.  Cohen and  Dr.  Kenith Ditman,  reported:  “The  majority  of   patients  who  took  GH-3  felt  a  greater  sense of  well-being and  relaxation,   slept  better  at   night   and  many  obtained   some  relief  from  depression and  the  discomforts  of  chronic  inflammation  or   degenerative   disease.”

People experience immediate benefits, but the rejuvenating effects of procaine may take as long as three months to affect a balance in the body’s neurotransmission  system.


The Procaine hydrochloride in GH-3 enhances enzymatic activity in brain and muscle cells! This produces an increase in the biosynthesis of protein.  

Increased  biosynthesis of protein is beneficial because the metabolic disorders experienced with aging that lead to a loss of   vitality and, to a shortening of the life of the cells that make up the organism, can be compensated by the administration of procaine and the subsequent enhanced enzymatic activity. 

The blood supply to the organs, especially to the skin and brain, is greatly improved. The result is increased vitality, improved powers of concentration and a generally improved feeling of well-being.

Additionally, GH-3 is metabolized into PABA and DMAE. A deficiency of PABA causes hair loss, graying, wrinkling and  hardening of the skin. PABA in tablet form does not assimilate well. The body does not get what it needs.

The effect of procaine produced PABA, produces one of the more visible signs of the anti-aging effects of GH-3, and why GH-3 users look and feel much younger.

PABA also aids the body’s generation of tertiary metabolic nutrients Folic Acid, Vitamin K and Thiamine; which contribute to the benefits of GH-3.

DMAE develops the vital neurotransmitter Acetylcholine (ACh) that makes muscles contract and is so important to memory and sensory input signals.

Procaine in GH-3 is combined with these and transports and preserves them. When it crosses the brain barrier buffered procaine blocks MAO, an enzyme that degrades neurotransmitters in the brain.

By blocking this MAO action, GH-3 increases vital brain neurotransmitters which control depression, sleep, sex drive and energy levels. This accounts for users of GH-3 being more alert, cheerful energetic and youthful.


When brain chemistry is better understood and diagnostic methods improve, it will be possible to forecast the even greater range of benefits to users of ­GH-3.



Many prefer liquid GH-3 because it works a bit faster and loses a bit less to digestive enzymes. Because some people did not like the taste of liquid GH-3, Life Extension made it more palatable by adding grape flavoring. Enriching the grape flavoring with Vitamin C, also makes liquid GH-3 assimilate into the body a little better.

What Is GH-3D?

GH-3D gives the benefits of GH-3 injections without the needle. It is a revitalizing leading-edge, holistic therapy. It gives the benefits of  GH-3  injections,  without  having to inject Gh-3. Also, GH-3D contains EDTA, BHT, and DMSO.   EDTA is the chelating amino acid that cleanses vital organs of  toxic  heavy  metals  and  unclogs  arteries.


BHT is the powerful anti-oxidant  that  dramatically  increases  the  life  span  of  laboratory animals  and  which  is  now  used  in  many  experimental  formulas,  designed  specifically  to  extend   human   Life  Span.

  DMSO is considered by many Scientists to be a wonder drug itself, uniquely effective against Cancer and Arthritis. It is also a very powerful transporter.

 DMSO in GH-3D carries the GH-3, EDTA and BHT quickly into the bloodstream and past the blood brain barrier, for maximum effectiveness.

 GH-3D can be taken in a variety of ways: one can mix it with fruit juice and drink it, or take it as a retained enema  (it gets completely absorbed in about 20 minutes). It can be rubbed into the skin and goes right through the skin into the bloodstream.

 Applied topically, GH-3D relieves aches, pains and stiff joints. It delivers crucial, revitalizing nutrients at the cellular level to vital organs.

Tests are being conducted  to  determine  if  due  to  its  minimal  metabolic  waste GH-3D  will  prove  to  be  even  more  effective  than  plain  GH-3  taken  orally.


Breakthroughs in GH-3 formulations for skin care resulted in this unique combination of the rarest ingredients and the latest technology working day and night to restore the skin’s elasticity; providing a luxurious experience and breathtaking results. Skin looks smoother, less tired, virtually lifted. Remarkable. The only skin treatment in the world containing Procaine HCL, the active ingredient in GH-3 itself!

It also contains RNA that Dr. Benjamin Frank proved repairs skin cell damage, improves cell energy and the skin’s ability to use oxygen and brings young cells to the surface to replace aging skin cells. In double blind tests, creams containing RNA cause a lifting & tightening of skin. Wrinkles appeared less visible in three weeks.

Other ingredients include NaPCA, the skins most important natural moisturizer for its ability to pull moisture from dry desert air! Safflower oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Coconut oil, Vitamins A, D, PABA, Aloe gel, Collagen, Elastin, Squalene and trace minerals. 

These ingredients feed and Rejuvenate skin. It intensely moisturizes and revives dry skin and helps prevent the breakdown of Elastin, for firmer younger looking skin!


Original Romanian Gerovital  Formulated With "Pharmaceutical Grade" Ingredients

Product   # 800

*  GH-3  Injections  (100  cc.)     


Product   # 801

Discount  @* 4  Or More Bottles  Injections   69.10 Ea.   


Product  # 815

GH-3  Liquid  (1  Pt. )


Product  # 816

GH-3  Liquid  (1  Qt. )


Product  # 817

GH-3  Liquid  Discount  @  2  Or More Qts.   59.10  Ea.


Product  # 820

GH-3  Liquid  (1  Pt.Grape Flavored


Product  # 821

GH-3 Grape  Flavor  Liquid  (1  Qt). 


Product  # 822

GH-3 Grape  Flavor Discount  2  Qts. @  61.85 Ea.


Product  # 830

GH-3D Liquid  (1 Pt. )


Product  # 831

GH-3D Liquid  (1 Qt. )


Product  # 832

GH-3D Liquid  Discount  2 Qts  @  83.70Ea.


Product  # 835

GH-3  Cream   (2  Oz.  Jar)


Product  # 836

GH-3  Cream  Discount  @ 4 Or More Jars  34.55 Ea.


  * Syringes And Needles Not Included


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Detailed instructions accompany every bottle! One cannot overdose on GH-3. Laboratory animals given 120 times the normal dosage had no adverse effects. 

Expect for the rare 1 in 8,000 who may have a slight allergic reaction to procaine (which usually expresses itself as a slight rash and disappears when GH-3 is discontinued), GH-3 is without negative side effects.  It is non-addicting and non-toxic.

Even these mild reactions may be overcome by reducing the normal dosage by half and then gradually increasing that amount until normal dosage is obtained without reaction.

A slight sensation, during the initial period is due to the effect of toxins being eliminated and a sign the compound is working.  The Life Extension Formula helps the body adjust to this action. 

Two teaspoons of LIQUID are taken daily. Some Doctors recommend stopping for 7 days, after each 30 days of use. ‘Natural Form GH-3’ is taken during this break.

Injections of 5 cc's should be given every other day, into the upper quadrant of the buttocks. After 10 injections, pause for 12 days.  Then take another 10 injections of 5 cc's each. GH-3 liquid is used on the 12 days of no injections.

Past the age of 60, oral assimilation of GH-3 is diminished, so increase the amount of liquid, or take GH-3D, If you prefer not to take injections.  It may also be taken as a retained enema or orally; mixed in juice if desired.  

The dosage of GH-3D is two tablespoons daily regardless of how taken!

The DMAE in GH-3 blocks the action of MAO in the brain, thereby increasing the amounts of Serotonin, Dopamine, and other important neurotransmitters. 85% of patients on GH-3 (felt a greater sense of well being & relaxation, slept better, and many obtained relief from the discomforts of degenerative disease). The full range of benefits is still unknown.


Today the "average" person has still never even heard of GH-3, while people like  Sylvester Stallone and others in the Rich and Famous Inner Circle take advantage of this amazing product, which many Scientists believe reverses the aging process itself.


This is not because its expensive, but because the FDA considers it "a new drug." The FDA did not take this position because the anti-aging benefits of GH-3 haven't been proven safe and effective; as they have. Its because pharmaceutical companies won't spend millions to approve a drug that cannot be patented.



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New Breakthrough Treatment For Arthritis

The eminent Medical Researcher, Dr. Roger Whyborn-Mason’s research at the Mayo Clinic and the faculty of Yale University, has discovered that most rheumatoid arthritis and much Osteoarthritis is due to slow-acting amoebic infections.

Ordinary treatments of arthritis (in the USA) provide symptomatic relief, but do not kill the amoebas, which keep doing their damage. Scientists in Switzerland developed a Sublingual formula which stops the cause of arthritis.

About one third using the formula are cured; no pain or progression of the disease. 20% of arthritis cases have other causes and will not be helped by these treatments. After cure, existing arthritis deformities remain. The pain, stiffness, and swellings disappear. 

There are some unpleasant flu-like symptoms Known as “The Herxheimer Reaction” which is a good indicator that the formula is working.

The Herxheimer reaction is caused by the presence of dead amoebas and their toxins, so the stronger the reaction the more relief.

Some patients (about 2%) become re-infected, but respond   quickly when   treated   a   second   time.

It is important that those using this formula actually do have arthritis, because the amoebicides hypothetically could attack other cells if there are no amoebas to kill.

The Sublingual Arthritis Formula is the Only formula that actually addresses the “cause” of arthritis; rather than just the symptoms. About 87% are  cured   at  clinics  where the Formula is provided with  multi-spectrum amoebicides.  

DIRECTIONS: The usual dose is 10 drops 3 times a day, but adjust according to severity.


Product  # 855

Sublingual  Arthritis  Formula  (1  Oz.)



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DMSO For Cancer, Disease & Injuries

“DMSO represents an entirely different means of treating disease! Not as an ordinary drug works for a given disease, but as a holistic ingredient that brings whole-body cellular dysfunction back to normal.” Noted Expert Dr. Morton Wacker.

In a paper presented to the New York Academy of Science, Dr. Joel Warren and associates at Nova University, reported: “Treatment of human cancer with combinations of DMSO and anti-tumor compounds is both feasible and attractive.”   

Research shows DMSO to have a positive effect on cultured leukemia cells. It has been found that DMSO causes cancer tissue to change to normal, reduces benign tumors and is a powerful virus killer.

Tests performed at Mt. Sinai by Dr. Charlotte Friend, one of the world's top virologists, found when DMSO is added to test culture, cancer cells change and became like normal red blood cells.

Other tests have shown that DMSO by itself and in combination with other products has greatly enhanced the body’s immune system.

This shows that DMSO may prove to be the most effective agent currently available for the treatment of arthritis and cancer. It has the properties desired in any cancer drug.

It is anti-cancer in many cases when used alone; and it increases the effectiveness of other agents; it is non-toxic and reduces the toxicity to the body of other drugs and deactivates free radicals.

DMSO is compatible with conventional and metabolic cancer treatments. It has been used successfully with both nutrition and chemotherapy, it has received support from conventional doctors who have no real interest in nutrition.

In “experimental” arthritis treatments, DMSO reduced swelling and was effective in restoring motion and eliminating stiffness and pain. It also eliminates the pain of sprains, strains, sports injuries, and even the pain of broken bones.

More DMSO Uses

Extensive Research has documented that DMSO can reduce and many times even “reverse” the paralyzing effect of injuries to the head and spinal cord.

Paramedics in major cities administer it to accident victims at the site. Had they waited until reaching the hospital the patient would have been paralyzed for life. Providing DMSO directly to the injured area as soon as possible has made the difference between being paralyzed and a normal life for many accident victims.

DMSO has been found to slow the growth of bacteria, improve blood supply, soften scar tissue, enhance the effectiveness of other pharmacological agents, act as a diuretic, and function as a muscle relaxant.

DMSO always works better when taken with antioxidants because it is converted into the less hazardous sulfide radical when it destroys a hydroxyl radical and this sulfide radical must, in turn, be destroyed by antioxidants.

The conclusion of this research demonstrates that an effective way to prevent the development of arthritis, or use DMSO in its therapy, is to take a good antioxidant formula, like the Life Extension Formula,  when using DMSO.

The benefits of DMSO are available to Pet Lovers. The non-pharmaceutical grade DMSO should never be given internally, but it is excellent for pets Suffering From Arthritis, Rheumatism, Bruises And Similar Ailments Or Injuries.

Directions & Helpful Information

Only pharmaceutical grade DMSO may be ingested or injected!

There are many grades of DMSO. ONLY use pure pharmaceutical grade when using DMSO internally or by injection! Using other than pharmaceutical grade DMSO “internally” can cause serious harm!

However, even non-pharmaceutical grade DMSO will relieve pain, reduce swelling, slow the growth of bacteria, improve blood supply, soften scar tissue, and act as a diuretic and muscle relaxant.

DMSO is the world’s most efficient transporter. It will quickly carry other cancer fighting ingredients like Aveloz, directly to the blood stream past the blood brain barrier. It provides the advantages on an injection without the needle.

DMSO is used orally and by injection, in the treatment of cancer, under the care of a physician. Specific instructions for such use accompany each order.

The overwhelming majority of people (and pets) use DMSO, for conditions such as Arthritis, Tendonitis, and common sports injury type aches, pains and bruises.

When applying non-pharmaceutically pure DMSO externally, ALWAYS wash hands and the area the DMSO is to be applied THROUGHLY! Then simply rub DMSO “lightly” into the effected area. When finished, wash your hands again!

DMSO Gel: The gel is an inexpensive way to introduce DMSO to those with small area pain (like Arthritis in the fingers). They can see what DMSO can do!.



Product  # 859

DMSO  Liquid  (1  Pt.)


Product  #  860

DMSO  Injections   (100  cc.) *


Product  #  861

DMSO  Liquid  (1  Qt.)


Product  #  862

DMSO  Gel   (1  Oz.)


   Product  #  863 Discount  @  6 Or More  Bottles  @ 10.00  Ea. 60.00

  * Syringes And Needles Not Included


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We are pleased to give medical information or advice on any health topic! But it’s in writing from a Physician or Scientist, qualified to give it. Not from someone who answers the phone and takes orders! True advisors will not try to sell you anything! They will give specific answers to specific questions. For Information please write or E-mail which is faster. Send E-mail to:

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50 years ago, most people in the world died before reaching the age of 50. In other words, If it were not for medical advances in the war on aging, if you are near 50 you would have been ready to start considering your final arrangements now.

However, thanks to Life Extension Scientists continuously working to extend human life span, today many people are not yet middle aged at 50.

Some of that is due to immunizations some to healthier lifestyles and better nutrition and supplements, says the World Health Organization.

Few people realize how hard it is to get adequate levels of essential nutrients from even a good diet. This is especially true for people taking certain medications. Estrogen (found in birth control pills and replacement therapy such as Premarin) may deplete vitamin B-6, folic acid and vitamin E.

People at risk of heart disease also may benefit from vitamins. The antioxidant action of vitamin E may help keep bad LDL cholesterol from damaging coronary arteries.

Another villain in heart disease is homocysteine, an amino acid that is a by-product of meat or fish digestion. People with low levels of the nutrients folic acid and vitamin B-6 have more homocysteine in their blood-stream. Some researchers now believe these vitamins may help protect against Atherosclerosis.

People taking blood pressure pills such as Dyazide (triamterene and hydrochlorothiazide) also may be low in folic acid. Stomach medicines including Prilosec, Prevacid, Zantac, Tagamet and Pepcid may reduce acid enough to interfere with absorption of vitamin B-12. The nervous system could suffer as a result.

Additional information on these subjects is available from LIFE EXTENSION. For more information on Health and Nutrition send for our latest Alternative Health Report. Learn how Vitamins are being used to reverse aging. Read about breakthroughs in fighting Rheumatism and Arthritis. Find ways to help those who are still Smoking; and how those with heart problems are being helped with CoQ10. See how people suffering from Colitis have help at hand.

Visit our home page to start your journey, or follow some of the links below.



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About Membership in Life Extension

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Inner Circle Products

Very Special Anti-Aging, Cancer, Arthritis, Rejuvenating & Healing Products

þ* Original Romanian GH-3


Sublingual  Arthritis  Formula

Arthritis formula that addresses the “cause” of arthritis; ratherthan just the symptoms

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Life Extension Human Products that greatly help Cats and Dpgs

 þ* DMSO

Cancer, Disease Pain & Injuries



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