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Futurist Peter Schwartz, Chairman of the Global Business Network, predicts that by 2012, biotechnology and gene therapy may make it possible to reverse aging and extend life. People might live the second half of their lives in perpetual 40-something condition.

New research is proving that vitamins do far more than prevent antiquated deficiency diseases such as scurvy, beriberi or rickets. The most recent data indicates vitamins can help against heart disease, Alzheimer's and boost immune systems.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed a daily dose of vitamin E (200 mg) could improve the function of white blood cells (T-cells) that fight off infection. An editorial accompanying the article concludes, "The era of nutrient supplements to promote health and reduce illness is here to stay."

It is virtually impossible to get 200 units of vitamin E from a "well balanced diet." Foods rich in this nutrient, such as vegetable oils and nuts, also are high in calories and fat. That is why a supplement is necessary to reach such levels.

A much higher dose of vitamin E was used effectively in a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The investigators determined 2,000 units of vitamin E daily slowed the decline due to Alzheimer's disease and helped delay patients' admission to nursing homes. This dose is far higher than that recommended for healthy people.

Science has finally silenced the skeptics that have insisted Vitamins and nutritional supplements are useless and only result in "healthy urine." It took more proof than that did to convince similar skeptics the world is not flat.

The flurry of exciting new research on the benefits of vitamin supplements should quiet the critics. As the editorialist for JAMA notes, "In North America a year's supply of micro-nutrient supplementation costs less than three visits to a physician and much less than hospitalization for one day . . . and may be a cost-effective preventive intervention in old age."

What are some of the benefits already available? Just a few examples are in the areas of Appearance and Skin. One may now renew facial skin with Cellu-C+ Serum. There have also been great breakthroughs in fighting Cholesterol and Obesity, not to mention Diabetes Then there are Herbs which are now getting the recognition they deserve as modern science rediscovers them, and for those seeking to build great muscle fast there have been great advances such as Protogen-A

Life Extension Scientists today, are predicting that 50 years from now we will have conquered Cancer, Aids and the most devastating of all diseases, Aging; and that people will be young at 90, with strong muscles, glowing skin and healthy hair.

LIFE EXTENSION is on the cutting edge of such research. For a peek into the future visit our entire site or contact us for information.

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