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Life Extension provides research information on Alternative Health, Alternative Medicine, Alzheimerís, Anti Aging Products, Antioxidants, Arthritis, Aveloz, Balding, BHT, Cell Therapy, Chelation, Cholesterol, Collagen, Colloidal Silver, DNA, Creatine, Cysteine, Depression, Detoxification, DHA, DHEA, Diabetes, Diet Pill, Diet Products, DMAE, DMSO, EDTA, Enlarged Prostate, Enzymes, Fat, Free Radicals, GH-3, Ginko Bilobia, Glaucoma, Hair Loss, Hair Pigment, Nails, Hearing, Helsinki Formula, Health Products, Herbs, Herpes, HGH, Holistic Medicine, Hormones, Hypertrophy, Human Growth Hormone, Human Placenta, Impotence, Immune System, IQ, Konjac Root, Libido, Longevity, Melanin, Melatonin, Memory Loss, Minerals, Minoxidil, Muscle Growth, Muscle Strength, Finger Nails, Nutrition, Osteoarthritis, Parkinsonís, PGís, PMS, Prostate Cancer, PSA, RNA, Selenium, Sex Drive, Skin Care, Smoking, Somatotropin, Taheebo, Testosterone, Tinnitus, Toxins, Tumors, Viruses, Vitamins, Weight Loss, and Yohimbine.

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One does not have to be a member to order our fine products, but a 20% savings for a full year, on all our regular products (even multiples) is one good reason. 

Please note that 800 Products, or products in our "Inner Circle" are not subject to Member Discounts.

Most people do not buy a membership until they have tried our products and decided they would be buying enough of them over the course of a year to recoup their membership fee several times over.

But it's reports from Scientists around the world, who know that many diseases are but symptoms of aging, and that aging itself is treatable; Information on Pioneering Medical Clinics which provide Immune Revitalization Therapies and other anti-Aging therapies, not available in the U.S.; Information on International Suppliers of Life Extending and Life Saving Prescription Drugs not yet available in the U.S.; and access to therapies and Life Extension Doctors that will be able to assist in your personalized Life Extending program; that prompt most people to join.

Another benefit of membership in Life Extension is free consultation. If you or a loved one suffers from an ailment that has your physician baffled, he or shy may call upon the resources of Life Extension to access the wealth of information from physicians and research scientists around the world.

Physicians may obtain information and consultation on alternative treatments with which they may not be familiar. Directions, contradictions, reactions, medical references and information on the results obtained with particular treatments are all part of the free service provided to members.

What  better  gift,  for someone  you  care enough  for  to  give the  gift  of  health  and  youth.

If you are a licensed practicing physician, and would like to be involved in this new and exciting field of health care, and join our growing list of Life Extension Doctors, please contact us.

Many people like to send a membership fee accompanied by their first order, from which they deducted 20%. The membership fee itself is not subject to the 20% discount, but is returned many times in savings. Members receive an exclusive number, please use it when ordering. They also receive the treatment due " a member."

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 We are pleased to give medical information or advice on any health topic! But itís in writing from a Physician or Scientist, qualified to give it. Not from someone who answers the phone and takes orders! True advisors will not try to sell you anything! They will give specific answers to specific questions. For Information please write or E-mail which is faster. Send E-mail to: [email protected].


PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR ORDERING LINE FOR INFORMATION! The Operators are not qualified.  They Are Just Operators.  Put It In Writing. Please Write (E-mail is best). By Keeping Your Letter And Responding In Writing There Is A Permanent  Record Maintained Of  All  Correspondence,  With  The  Name  And  Position  Of  The  Person  Who  Wrote  The  Letter,  Or  Sent  The  Information.

For information on Research, and  Products for a Healthier, Longer & Younger Life, write to Life Extension: Box 10, Loxahatchee, FL 33470-0010;  or send e-mail to [email protected]  [email protected] or [email protected]



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