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Genes are without doubt an important factor in determining longevity. However, a study of 1,700 University of Pennsylvania graduates who were followed for 32 years indicates it's less a matter of genes than of lifestyle and the correct supplementation

Now research is showing that people who practice healthy habits not only live longer, but stay free of disabilities longer.

We truly do live in an exciting age. Life Extension Scientists around the world are working day and night seeking cures for illnesses and diseases, some of which have not even been named yet. It is safe to say that within the next few years there will be both a cure and a vaccine for Aids, as well as many of the other diseases that are devastating to us now.

For example, we now know that: 1. Following extensive clinical tests of 7,600 patients, and thousands of studies conducted, GH-3 is verified as effective in treating a variety of diseases associated with the aging process, in addition to its acknowledged anti-aging abilities, GH-3 is now being tested for unrelated benefits. i.e. a cure for depression, arthritis, memory loss  & impotence. Dr. O.C. Hudson reports success in these and many other areas.

2. DHEA can prevent cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, obesity and Parkinson's disease; as well as greatly enhance the immune system.

3. Unbiased researchers conducting double blind studies report that Ginkgo Biloba successfully reverses hearing loss and ringing in the ears, is effective in reducing chronic pain, greatly improves mental functions & memory, as well as eyesight, relieves allergies and reverses or eliminates circulatory disorders, headaches, depression, dizziness and fatigue. It eliminates free radicals, the primary cause of aging; cleanses arteries, restores blood flow; lowers blood pressure; strengthens blood vessels and eliminates dizziness.

4. Another weapon is CoQ10, dubbed "Heart Energy". A heart patient given two weeks to live took it in a study at the Hospital of Rehabilitation in Germany. In five weeks her heart improved dramatically. She is very active six years later. Besides working miracles for heart patients, CoQ10 is used successfully to treat gum disease, revitalize muscles of muscular dystrophy victims, lower blood pressure & bolster the immune system, possibly even preventing cancer. Dr. Per Langsjoen of Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Texas, reports: "Patients, steadily worsening and expected to die within two years under conventional therapy, generally showed an extraordinary clinical improvement, indicating that CoQ10 therapy might extend the lives of such patients."

And these are but a few of the new and exciting products that were unknown just a few years ago. Products like the Detoxification Formula also have been breakthroughs in treating stroke and many other illnesses. Neurodyne and DMAE have proven that we can so increase our IQ and improve our memory.

Learn more about these and other new weapons in the war against aging and disease.

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