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Diabetics, Aging & Muscles

What do they have in common? Vanadyl Sulfate. Ask any bodybuilder what the best alternative to illegal anabolic steroids is and the answer will be Vanadyl Sulfate. The word spread fast among the body building community, that similar anabolic effects (building muscle mass quickly) could be obtained legally, because Vanadyl Sulfate causes muscles to increase their utilization of glucose.

To those of us who simply want to slow the aging process of our muscles Vanadyl Sulfate is just as important, because this same anabolic ability can retard catabolism; the inevitable destructive metabolism that occurs as we grow older resulting in the deterioration of muscle mass.

As important as all this may be, these benefits pale in comparison to studies that exhibit Vanadyl Sulfate's ability to: 1. lower blood glucose to normal levels; 2. reverse the damage that elevated glucose levels invokes in the muscle tissues of diabetics. 3. Induce glucose tolerance to cells that have already lost most of their insulin receptors. 4. channel glucose to depleted muscle cells.

Those of us who are not diabetic may wish to take but 10 Mg. of Vanadyl Sulfate a day simply for the purpose of longevity; particularly the longevity of our muscle mass. Serious bodybuilders usually take 24 Mg. a day in addition to Protogen-A and whatever other supplementation they are taking. We consider it an "extra" to keep us looking and feeling younger and stronger. But to a diabetic person, Vanadyl Sulfate can be much more.

Diabetics are only too aware of the two types of diabetes: When the pancreas fails to produce insulin "insulin dependent" or type I diabetes, results. And then there is "insulin resistant" or type II diabetes, which is a condition where the pancreas produces insulin, but the cells comprising muscle and fat tissue react ineffectively. The overwhelming majority of diabetics are insulin resistant, or type II.

When cells fail to properly utilize insulin, the result is a serious elevation of glucose levels in the blood of type II diabetics. This condition of "insulin resistance" also occurs as a result of the aging process. Regardless of how or why it occurs, the results are the same: the body's ability to convert, utilize, metabolize and dispose of glucose is seriously flawed.

The "recognized" treatment for insulin resistant individuals has been to increase insulin levels via injection. This has always been dangerous because of the very real possibility of potentially serious side effects to the cardiovascular system.

Vanadyl Sulfate has, in laboratory tests conducted around the world under every conceivable condition, demonstrated that it has the ability to emulate virtually all of insulin's effects. Vanadyl Sulfate has in several instances, even restored the insulin binding ability of cells to normal.

What does all this mean? To type I diabetics it may be a supplement, but not a replacement, to their insulin therapy. Type II diabetics suffering from insulin resistance, may find that Vanadate therapy, in lieu of insulin, will lower their blood glucose level, and improve their ability to tolerate insulin and metabolize glucose; thus effectively treating insulin resistance without insulin injections.

Vanadyl Sulfate consists of sulfur bound to vanadium. This form of vanadium is the most biologically acceptable and effective. It should always be taken with meals.

Diabetics should consult their physician, whom they might want to direct to The National Library of Medicine or Life Extension in the event he or she is unaware of vanadate therapy being used in place of insulin. They should also, very conscientiously have their glucose levels monitored to avoid hypoglycemia once they start on Vanadyl Sulfate, because of its ability to markedly lower blood glucose levels.

As is so often the case, there is a tremendous difference in grades of Vanadyl Sulfate. Commercial grades are offered for as little as .022 a Mg.

Life Extension only offers Pharmaceutical Grade Vanadyl Sulfate, usually sold just to physicians. We know of no doctor that would recommend anyone taking anything less.

Plus Choline Complex

INGREDIENTS: Each Capsule: 10 mg Pharmaceutical grade Vanadyl Sulfate And 25mg. Choline Complex to obtain optimal acetylcholine levels.

DIRECTIONS: 2  capsules  a  day  take   with   meals. Serious  bodybuilders  take  up to  4  capsules a  day  as   an  "extra"  to  keep  looking  and  feeling  younger  and  stronger.  Diabetics  taking  this product in place of insulin,  should  consult  their  physician,  whom  they  might  want  to  direct  to  the  National  Library  of  Medicine   in  the  event  he  or  she  is  unaware  of   Vanadyl  Therapy  being  used  in  place  of  insulin.  They  should  also  have  their  glucose  levels  monitored  to  avoid hypoglycemia  when  on  Vanadyl Sulfate  because  it  markedly  lowers  blood   glucose   levels.

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Vanadyl Sulfate+ (90 Capsules)


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From Aging to IQ, New Findings On What Ginkgo Biloba Does

We knew Ginkgo Biloba Improves Mental Function; Prevents Memory Loss And Mental Decline; Improves Hearing And Eye Sight; Eliminates Free Radicals, Unclogs And Cleans Blocked Arteries, Improves Circulation, Lowers Blood Pressure, Strengthens Blood Vessels, Relieves Dizziness, Depression And Chronic Pain; And Also Helps Prevent Stroke, Hart Attacks, Shock, Asthma And Allergic Inflammation.

Now new research unveils its affect on Arthritis; Erectile Dysfunction; Peptic Ulcers; Alzheimer’s disease and type II diabetes.

One study found that ginkgo’s anti-inflammatory action is as effective as anti-inflammatory drugs and was also found to reduce pain; without the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding associated with other treatments’ or other ill side effects, thus benefiting people with arthritis!

Another found ginkgo helps protect against peptic ulcers and helps repair associated tissue damage. Ginkgo increased (SOD) activity which protects against the free-radical damage involved in the cause of ulcers. It also improved mucosal repair and helped protect the lining of the stomach.

Studies at the University of California showed ginkgo increases the availability of nitric oxide to cells in the penis; relaxes muscles in the penis, thus helping men respond suddenly. Ginkgo may be a valuable tool in treating erectile dysfunction. It proved 76% effective in treating male sexual dysfunction associated with the use of antidepressants.

A newly discovered behavior of ginkgo explains its importance in treating Alzheimer’s disease. It enhances learning and memory in the brain. Scientists discovered that ginkgo extract could induce the metabolism of APP toward the alpha-secretase pathway, thereby causing the release of alphaAPP.20 This important mechanism of action counteracts reports that ginkgo has no effect in Alzheimer’s disease or on learning and memory. This newly discovered mechanism indicates that it may help preserve mental function even better than originally thought.

HISTORY:  Dr. Elias Corey of Harvard won the Nobel Prize for his research on Ginkgo. Dr. Walter Funfgeld tested 8000 patients with impaired mental function and memory loss. Taking Ginkgo for 4 weeks “greatly” improved memory. All patients showed improvement. Dr. Ian Hindmarchs reports: “Ginkgo Biloba increased the intellectual ability of old as well as young subjects, giving  remarkable recall.”

The impressive case studies were obtained using a 50:1 concentrate containing 24% Flavogylcosides and 6% Ginkgolides-Bilobalide. Other concentrations  do  not  produce similar  results. 

"A bonus of is its ability to prevent blocking of   arteries, stroke, heart attacks, shock, asthma or allergic inflammation.  Ginkgolides-bilobalide aid flavoglycosides”. Professor of Biochemistry, Dr. Eugene S. Wagner.

Unbiased researchers conducting double blind studies report that Ginkgo Biloba successfully reverses hearing loss and ringing in the ears, is effective in reducing chronic pain, greatly improves mental functions & memory, as well as eyesight, relieves allergies and reverses or eliminates circulatory disorders, headaches, depression, dizziness and fatigue.

It eliminates free radicals, the primary cause of aging; cleanses arteries, restores blood flow; lowers blood pressure; strengthens blood vessels; eliminates dizziness; relieves depression; and ends chronic pain.

Ginkgo Biloba has been proven effective in the treatment of a variety of diseases associated with aging. Its ability to neutralize free radicals and PAF's is believed to result in a reversal of the aging process.

To good to be true we thought, so reviewed the evidence. Following is authoritative evidence and clinical findings from respected experts:

In Germany, Dr. Walter Funfgeld at Laasphe tested 8000 patients suffering from impaired mental function and memory loss. One 80 year old man had trouble remembering the days of the week. After taking Ginkgo Biloba for just 4 weeks his memory was "greatly" improved. Virtually all patients tested showed improvement.

Dr. Ian Hindmarchs (University of Leeds, Great Britain) reports Ginkgo Biloba increased the intellectual ability of old as well as young subjects, giving both "remarkable recall".

Dr. Ulrich Bauer of the Federal Republic of Germany reports that patients that had difficulty walking, now have the ability to walk, without pain, for long distances. One man, suffering from poor circulation and leg pains, now enjoys walks of half a mile.

Clinical trials by German giant Intersan, show that 1 in 4 patients suffering from hearing loss regained their hearing in full; 1 in 3 report that their hearing improved and ringing disappeared.

The study lasted nine weeks. Audiograms were made before and after treatment. Intersan reports good results in 39 out of the 59 patients that were tested.

Psychiatrist and Medical Director of the New York Institute of Research, Dr. Elias Chalmers, stated on T.V's "NITE LINE" that Ginkgo Biloba has"beneficial effects on cognition and memory". And the editor of Health and Healing, Dr. Julian Whitaker reports that Ginkgo Biloba "has distinguished itself, using modern techniques of scientific evaluation."

There are thousands of cases: A 56 year old housewife regaining 90% of her lost hearing in but 20 days. A 45 year old man suffering from dizziness headaches and nausea relieved of all symptoms in but 5 days.

All the impressive case studies were obtained using what Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, in his Textbook Of Natural Medicine refers to as: a 50:1 concentrate containing 24% Flavogylcosides and 6% Ginkolidies-Bilobalide. Other concentrations do not produce similar results. Professor of Biochemistry Dr. Eugene S. Wagner, reports that ginkolides-bilobalide aid flavoglycosides and: "The bonus of the ginkgolides is their ability to prevent the blocking of vital arteries, stroke, heart attacks, shock, asthma or allergic inflammation."

Herbal Medicine expert Dr. Daniel Mowrey states: "to be effective, Ginkgo products should contain 24% flavoglycosides with a significant amount of ginkgolides-bilobalide."


INGREDIENTS: Each capsule:  120 Mg. of Pharmaceutical-grade pure 50:1 extract  (24%  Flavoglylcosides  and  6%  Ginkgolides-Bilobalide.)

DIRECTIONS: 2  Capsules  A  Day. with or without food


Product # 135

Ginkgo Biloba (100 Capsules)


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Smoking, Drinking, Aging & Cancer

80% of all internal cancers are due to a class of chemicals (polynuclear hydrocarbons) found in tobacco smoke, which cause mutations in DNA. Acetaldehyde, found in the blood stream of drinkers, (produced in the liver from alcohol) is also found in tobacco smoke. Studies show that drinkers and smokers are very inclined to premature aging (wrinkling, mental decline, liver damage, cancer, and heart disease).

Probably the most powerful inhibitor of such cancer formation and premature aging is a formulation containing selenium, which has proven to suppress the formation of cancers so effectively that the National Cancer Institute recommends smokers take it daily. Epidemiologic studies show that cancer rates would decrease by 70%. Studies, at Darthmouth Medical School, on the effects of Selenium, show that rats lived well beyond their normal maximum life span of 3 1/2 years. Some lived 48 months and one lived to an age of 5 years and 5 days. Translated to human terms that's the equivalent to 160 years.

Experiments by Dr. H. Sprince where 90% of rats fed acetaldehyde died, showed that when the same dose of acetaldehyde is fortified with two powerful immune building compounds; Thiamine and Cysteine, none of the rats died.

Nicotine increases cholesterol and causes blood vessels to constrict, resulting in higher blood pressure. Nicotinic acid however, (a related compound) actually reverses the damage caused by nicotine. It not only lowers blood pressure by dilating the constricted vessels, but it also lowers cholesterol.

It Follows that a formula consisting of (50 mcg. Seleno Methionie; 50 mcg. Seleno Di Glutathione; 100 mcg. Sodium Selenate); 100 mcg. Nicotinic Acid; 100 mcg. Thiamide and 100 mcg. Cysteine; would considerably reverse the damage caused by smoking and alcohol. Such a "detoxification formula" taken in conjunction with the free radical quenching Life Extension Formula, (Since it has all the antioxidants proven to help prevent cancer, kidney disease, brain damage; and significantly retard aging by counteracting free radicals), couldn't help but make it much safer for those who insist on smoking and/or drinking.

99% of the published research on Selenium's effectiveness in the prevention of cancer, heart disease, cataracts, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, and arthritis; as well as slowing down the aging process, is attributed to Sodium Selenate.

Sodium Selenate is a proven superior, safe 100% natural, hypoallergenic, yeast free source of Selenium.

This formulation, developed to detoxify smokers i.e. (to remove the poisons and undo the harm caused by smoking) also reduces the effects of the headaches and wooziness of hangovers. By taking this detoxification formula at the right time, you can clean up the excessive "free-radical" activity caused by smoking. It is best to protect your cells against the toxicity that alcohol and tobacco produce by taking this detoxification formula soon before or after you drink or smoke.

Life Extension's  Smokers & Drinkers

If you smoke or drink (or live with a smoker) you can do something to alleviate the damage. This Formula is specifically designed to reverse the damage caused by polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons; acetaldehyde and nicotine, which result from smoking and alcohol. It is the only such formula in the world.

INGREDIENTS: Each Capsule (Selenium Complex): Seleno Methionine 50 mcg. Seleno Di Glutathione 50 mcg.  Sodium Selenate 100mcg. Cysteine 100 mcg. Thiamide 100mcg.  Nicotinic Acid 100 mcg. Yeast free.

DIRECTIONS: 1 to 2 capsules a day depending on the amount of alcohol or tobacco consumed. Those that smoke or drink heavily may take up to 4 capsules daily. IDEA: Quit smoking all together.


Product # 145

Detoxification Formula (100 Capsules)


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