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 Results In Advanced Prostate Formula



When we develop a formula it is at the time, unquestionably the most advanced “cutting edge” formula of its kind. As technology progresses so do our formulas. This is the case with our Enhanced and greatly Advanced Prostate Formula.

It contains the most recent authenticated ingredients, proven to promote a healthy prostate, protect it, and to prevent and treat an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer and hypertrophy; as well as urinary urgency and difficulty with urine stream, suffered by men over 50. Young men with inflamed prostates and experiencing a decline in the ability to perform sexually may also benefit.

How is the Prostate Formula Advanced?  With Advanced Ingredients!!

New research shows the active element of pygeum that promotes normal prostate function is beta-sitosterol. The Advanced Formula contains 678 Mg. of beta-sitosterol; and it also has 100 mg. of pygeum. Pygeum extract enhances healthy function within the prostate gland and helps keep the prostate gland calm and contented.  It has 320 Mg. Serenoa Serrulata (“Pure” Saw Palmetto). Serenoa serrulata interferes with DHT activity in the prostate and acts as an alpha adrenergic receptor inhibitor in the prostate gland. This maintains healthy prostate function. It prevents the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone; acts directly on the enlarged prostate to reduce the inflammation and increase the bladder’s regular urinary flow.

Some mistakenly think Saw Palmetto alone may help. It will not! However, the Advanced Prostate Formula will help prevent and help cure prostate disorders.  

Prostate disorder is the most prevalent illness in men. More than half of all men over the age of fifty experience prostate hypertrophy, prostatitis or cancer of the prostate gland.

The symptoms are bladder pain; urinary urgency or frequency (especially at night, requiring frequent visits to the bathroom); burning during urination; difficulty starting or ending the urine stream, and sometimes lower back pain.

Young men are not exempt; especially those with a tendency towards urinary infections. They often experience inflammation of the prostate gland (which secrets an important element of their semen) and a decline in their ability to perform sexually.

The very latest information regarding prostate disorders indicate that many are suffering unnecessarily from the pain and other symptoms produced by an enlarged or inflamed prostate gland.

Researchers know now that the major cause of prostate enlargement and prostate cancer is the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone and that this can often be blocked and/or reversed by the use of certain natural herbs and nutritional supplementation.

Serenoa serrulata is a herb that actually prevents the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone and blocks its production.

In his book "Herbal Medicine" Rudolf F. Weiss, M.D. states: "Serenoa serrulata is also called the 'plant catheter' because of its tonic effect on the neck of the bladder and on the prostate." Daniel Mowrey, Ph.D.; reports in "The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine": "Serenoa serrulata acts directly on the enlarged prostate to reduce the inflammation, pain and throb. It also increases the bladders ability to contract and expel its contents."

The list of references is impressive. Space prohibits giving all the clinical trials and testimonials. Those interested should contact the MEDLARS nearest them in order to access the latest information on this subject. All space permits here is a few quotes from recognized experts in this field. References quoted are available upon request.

"The liposterolic extract of the plant Serenoa serrulata, Permixon, has been shown to possess peripheral antiandrogenic activity and, in clinical trials, was found to significantly improve the symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia."

"Benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) is a disease associated with the presence of high level of the active metabolite of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The accumulation of DHT is due, in part, to an increased activity of the enzyme testosterone-5-alpha-reductase. Permixon, an extract of Serenoa serrulata, and a new treatment for BPH, has shown to be an antagonist of the cytosolic androgen receptor in rat prostate."

Pygeum africanumis a herb that years of testing has proven can alter the course of prostate inflammation. Its lipid soluble ingredients have therapeutic anti-edema effects.

5-alpha-reductase is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into the androgen that activates overproduction of prostate cells, and thus enlargement of the prostate gland.

Reports from doctors around the world heralding the success they've had treating prostate disorders with the herbal medications and nutrients described herein, are prompting Physicians who specialize in prostrate disorders and are knowledgeable in nutrition, to advise their patients to take the formulation found in the new Advanced prostate Formula daily, to avoid, as well as to treat prostate disorders.

Life  Extension's formula for the prevention and treatment of Prostate disorders, contains exact proportions of ingredients that clinical trials shown is the most effective formulation for the treatment of prostate disorders.

Scientific References: To date there are over 500 Clinical Trials, and Scientific Papers published on prostate disorders and the above referenced treatment. More research is being conducted and papers published monthly. The best source for reviewing the Scientific Literature referred to is the at the National Library of Medicine, U.S. Department of Health. The following is a partial list of References relied upon, and are recommended as a starting point for those interested in conducting research on this subject:

Roudolf F. Weiss. "Herbal Medicine"; Daniel Mowrey. "Scientific Validation Of Herbal Medicine"; JAMA. 5/26/93; JAMA. 9/14/94; The Lancet, 5/22/93; The National Cancer Institute 1989, No.898-2789; BMJ, 11/27193: The Lancet. 10/9/93: JAMA 1993, 269 (7); 878-82; The Lancet 5/22/93; JAMA 1992, 267: 2236-8; UroI Clin North Am, 1990. 17: 719-735; JAMA, 1993, 269: 61--64; BMJ, 3/27/93; JAMA, 1/25/95; 2/15/95; 9/14/94; Ann of Int. Med. 1993, 119:914-923; JAMA, 6/1/94; 8/17/94; 1993, 270:948-54; JAMA, 5/26/93; The Lancet, 1994, 344: 1594-98; BMJ, . 1995, 310: 1139-40; New Eng J Med 1/27/94; Am. J Nut. 1991, 53: 31, 53: 54: 1093-100; Int J Cancer, 1982, 29: 611-616; The Lancet, 1993, 342: 1209-10; Cancer 1989, 64:589-604; Am. J. Nut, 1990, 51: 365-70; Am. J. Epidemiol, 1989, 129 (1): 112-24; Nutr. Cancer, 1987, 9: 123-28.


Better Help For The Prostate Gland

INGREDIENTS: The Advanced Prostate Formula has 252 Mg. of a Flower Pollen extract that is even more potent than the brand name Flower Pollen extract Cerniten®. Research concludes this ingredient alone will help preserve and promote a healthy prostate gland. It has increased amounts of Zinc to 50 Mg. It has decreased amounts of vitamin A to 200 I.U. to avoid overdosing. It has 10 Mg. of Lycopene extract. and 3 mg Boron (amino acid chelated) and 10 Mg. Ginseng.

This improved & Advanced Prostate Formula is designed to significantly improve the prostate’s ability to fight off disease and maintain healthy function!

It is recommended that men, especially men over fifty, take the Prostate Formula™ as a dietary supplement daily for the prevention of Prostate disorders. Take as directed by your physician for the treatment of such disorders.

DIRECTIONS: The recommended dose of from 2 to 4 tablets, for the prevention of Prostate disorders, is a guide. Men over 50 should take 4. Men under 40 usually require only 2 tablets a day. This recommended dose is almost always changed for men who have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, and are under the care of a Physician.

Men over forty should take the Formula as a dietary supplement for the prevention of prostate disorders, and take as directed by a Physician for the treatment of prostate disorders.

The Life Extension 


Product # 205

Advanced Prostate  Formula  (100  Tablets)


Discount @ 4 or more  Bottles  (32.75  ea)


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Aveloz And Taheebo

Herbal Remedies For Cancer

For those seeking alternative treatments in the war against Cancer, Aveloz and Taheebo, while not the answer for all, have proven to be of considerable help to many. Not too long ago these treatments were unknown to most, and not even considered by many in "established" medicine. Perhaps it was the notoriety Aveloz received when Lee Atwater, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, died from an inoperable brain tumor which scientists such as Drs. Gomez Pamo, John Fernandez, Agustio da Silva Brito, Octavia Lobo, Rube van der Linden and Lauro Nevia, from Brazil, as well as Research Scientists in the US, and around the world believe could have been eliminated with early treatments of Aveloz.

Regardless of the reason, today Aveloz and Taheebo are being used by Cancer Specialists around the world as primary treatment as well as co-therapeutic treatment against many forms of Cancer. The Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins, are but two of the better known Clinics, but these herbal remedies are fast becoming the preferred treatment by many better informed Ecologists; while many others know nothing of them and prefer to stick to chemotherapy and radiation.

Those seeking additional references on the use of Aveloz and/or Taheebo, it is recommended they read some, if not all, of the papers published by Doctors and Research Scientists mentioned in XtendOLife Reports; such as Dr. Paul Martin; Dr. James Duke at the National Institute Of Health; Dr. Norman Farnsworth at the University Of Illinois; Dr. Theododoro Myer and/or Dr. Prats Rutiz at the National University of Tucuman. Many may wish to do some research on their own regarding the effectiveness, uses and results practitioners are having with Aveloz and Taheebo. They may also wish to contact the MEDLARS for information and access this wealth of knowledge that your tax dollars pay for.

Aveloz is proving to be very effective in the treatment of "hard Tumors" but not very effective in fighting leukemia when used alone. However, the combination of Aveloz and Taheebo has proven to be very effective against leukemia. Taheebo alone has also been effective in this area, but not as effective as the combination of the two.

For the treatment of hard tumors, Aveloz alone seems to have the best results. It must always be taken however, with ample amounts of vitamin "C" (at least 1500 Mg. of C with each 15 drops of Aveloz mixed in juice or tea). One consideration is that Aveloz has been proven to have no ill side effects. It can help but can do no harm.

A list of Medical Clinics specializing in innovative Cancer treatments may be of help. Whether one does research themselves, or looks to one of the Clinics, they are wise to take matters into their own hands, and look beyond conventional treatments like Chemotherapy.


Why Should People With Cancer And/Or Virus Infections Consider The Natural Herbal Remedies  Aveloz  and Taheebo?  Because half of all men and one third of all women will get cancer in their life because the environment and almost everything we ingest contains carcinogens.

What is the history behind Aveloz? Life Extension provides accurate information on beneficial natural remedies without hype!

The ability of Aveloz to destroy cancer cells has been the subject of scientific research for decades. The botanical name for Aveloz is Euphorbia heterodoxa. Some plants in the Euphorbia genus are being tested for use against leukemia. The sap is very caustic and has been used by the Amazon Indians since 400 B.C. to dissolve warts and skin cancers. It was used to fight cancer in folk medicine; and whispered as secrets when told to the colonists. Dr. Carlos Pamifilio, who practiced medicine in Brazil in the 1880’s, is given credit for introducing Aveloz to the world. The properties of aveloz studied in laboratories and in animals suggests chemicals from Euphorbia tirucalli enhance the immune system’s ability to fight cancer.

Then Dr. Juan Gomez Pamo, a professor of medicine in Havana, sent reports on Aveloz’s success in treating tumors to Spain and was appointed as the Queen of Spain’s public health counselor.

THE RESEARCH: Research by The American Cancer Society shows Aveloz’s anti-leukemic activity is attributed to diterpene esters. We are learning which specific structural features of these constituents cause them to act as anti-leukemic agents. Aveloz have been subject of a great deal of medical research which has shown diterpene esters do indeed show anti-leukemic activity. The diterpene esters in Aveloz works synergistically. Its tumor-killing agent is used for people with cancer. It is used on the skin and taken by mouth. It is proven to dissolve warts, cysts, and skin cancers. In various parts of the world the plant is also used to treat leprosy, abscesses, asthma, colic, and rheumatism.

Nevertheless, Aveloz remained relatively obscure until the 1980s when the ‘Spotlight magazine’ published a story detailing its amazing effects upon human health. And other U.S. papers began proclaiming Aveloz as a cure for cancer when taken internally, saying one drop of its solution, applied to a wart, has in one isolated case been known to destroy a growth in one day. This extraordinary power to eliminate malignant skin cancers drew the attention of scientists.  They tested the tumor remedy internally to eliminate cancerous tumors and it worked. Five drops of the solution, taken every hour, has been known to eliminate cancerous growths in a week. The hard tumor collapsed and “the cancer was reduced to an ill-smelling paste by the tissue tearing (escharotic) properties of the solution.” While these are very unusual cases, and certainly do not represent the result one should expect, the escharotic properties of Aveloz are great. Those interested in this area should read Hartwell, J.L. 1967–1971. Plants used against cancer.  A survey. Lloydia 30–34.

The Phytochemical Properties: Aveloz is a tenacious plant that can survive deforestation and drought where no other plants can. In fact, it seems to thrive amid the devastation. A wide range of phytochemicals are contained in Aveloz:Ellagic-acid, 3,3'-di-o-methylellagic-acid,12-o-(2z)(4e)-octadienoyl-4-deoxyphorbol- 13-acetate, Beta-sitosterol, Caoutchouc, Citric-acid, Euphol, Euphorone, Glucose, Hentriacontane, Hentriacontanol, Isoeuphoral, Kamepferol, Malic-acid, Resin, Sapogenin-acetates, Succinic-acid, Taraxasterol, Taraxerin, Tirucallol.

Ellagic acid, also abundant in Aveloz, is contained in many health providing fruits like pomegranates, raspberries and strawberries. Ellagic acid reinforces and strengthens the outer wall of healthy (aerobic) cells and helps protect them from the invasion of unhealthy (anaerobic) cells. When anaerobic cells permeate neighboring aerobic cells, the healthy cells can become anaerobic.

Aveloz Is Controversial! Its pros and cons have been debated for years. Some negative reports argue that it has tissue tearing (esharotic) properties and can harm tissue. It does. But it is this very esharotic property that can tear apart a cancerous tumor and actually dissolve it.

The ability of Aveloz to destroy cancer cells has been the subject of scientific research for decades. Aveloz and Taheebo are being used by Cancer Specialists around the world as primary treatment as well as co-therapeutic treatment against many forms of Cancer. The Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins, are but two of the better known Clinics, but these herbal remedies are fast becoming the preferred treatment by many better informed Oncologists, while many others know nothing of them and prefer to stick to chemotherapy and radiation. The elimination of the malignancy will cause an irritation of the kidneys, which may be alleviated with 1500 mg. of Vitamin C.

Some physicians report success treating tumors that are visible as a lump from beneath the skin. Under the care of a knowledgeable physician Aveloz is used topically with pharmaceutical grade DMSO which allows the Aveloz to penetrate directly through the skin into the cancerous tumor. It is Applied directly to “area” of the tumor externally.

The mixture usually is 50% i.e. 5 drops of Aveloz and 5 of Pharmaceutical Grade DMSO. The mixture is allowed to remain on the “area” above the tumor until absorbed through the skin.

PLEASE NOTE: There are many diluted imitations of Aveloz. Most AVELOZ products on sale online do not contain the amount of the herb or substance that is on the label and some may include other substances (contaminants). Taking such products can do more harm than good.

The COLOR is a determining factor the real pure undiluted Aveloz in a greenish color. Aveloz is one alternative treatment in the war against Cancer, But relying on this type of treatment alone and avoiding or delaying conventional medical care for cancer is NOT recommended.

 HELP FOR YOUR PET: For   reasons  not  fully  understood,   Aveloz and Taheebo  are   even  more   effective   when  used  to  treat  Cats  and  Dogs.   Some Veterinarians are now using Aveloz to cure cancerous tumors and leukemia in cats and dogs; they seem to respond to Aveloz even faster than people. Some Kennels that train Seeing eye and Guard dogs, use Aveloz as a preventative.

Aveloz is proving to be very effective in the treatment of "hard Tumors" but not very effective in fighting leukemia when used alone. However, the combination of Aveloz and Taheebo has proven to be very effective against leukemia. Taheebo alone has also been effective in this area, but not as effective as the combination of the two.

These two herbal anti-cancer agents are being used together. They are reported to be especially effective in cases of leukemia, almost always lowering white cell counts sharply. Aveloz and Taheebo do not cause any serious side effects and they do not interfere with other medications or treatments!

INGREDIENTS: Both Aveloz & Taheebo are 100% Natural Botanical  (herbal)  Products.

DIRECTIONS:  Each case is different. As a guide 5 to 10 drops 3 times a day in juice of Aveloz or Taheebo. Take  1500 Mg. of Vitamin C for each 15 drops of Aveloz or Taheebo. Except for a slight irritation of the kidneys, when Aveloz or Taheebo are doing their job, Aveloz & Taheebo have no ill side effects.

About Taheebo

Another cancer and virus fighting herb!


RESEARCH: Dr. Paulo Martin, a medical researcher for the Brazilian government reports: “We isolated a compound “quechua” from Taheebo and found it to be a powerful antibiotic with virus-killing properties.”


Herbal medicine experts Dr. James Duke, of the National Institute of Health, and Dr. Norman Farnsworth, of the University of Illinois, confirm Martin’s claims: Reporting that: “Taheebo undoubtedly contains a substance found to be highly effective against cancers.”


Taheebo caught the attention of American researchers and drug companies, and scientific studies on it were performed. The bark of the tree has been used medicinally by native South American peoples for centuries. Taheebo has also been studied to help increase the production of red blood cells which carry the body’s oxygen supply and remove carbon dioxide from the blood stream. Scientists isolated an active chemical found in the bark, and termed it lapachol.


Some researchers have theorized that other ingredients in the bark besides lapachol may have therapeutic effects. Researchers have isolated over 20 active chemicals in Taheebo. Research has shown Taheebo to have anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, helping to destroy bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses by increasing the supply of oxygen to cells. Taheebo has also been shown to influence the activity of the immune system.


Taheebo comes from the Lapacho tree; scientifically known as Tabebuia Avellandae or Tabebuia Impetiginosa, which  grows in plants of the Euphorbia genus. Taheebo is called many names like ipe roxo, Pau D’ Arco and lapachol. Life Life Extension’s Taheebo Concentrate comes ONLY from the inner purplish bark that is by far more potent and effective than the cheaper outer bark. We use 10 lbs. of the rich inner bark per gallon of base Most other makers only use 2 or 4 lbs. per gallon of base. There is NO comparison! Then we purify it seven times to make it Pharmaceutical Grade.  No other company on earth can say that! The result is a FAR stronger Taheebo tea Concentrate.


In addition to being of an aid in the fight against cancer, other Benefits of Taheebo are its Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial Properties; its ability to  Fight Free Radicals, Help Maintain Bowel Regularity, Support the Immune and Lymphatic Systems. It strengthens the immune system. Taheebo also aids in Arthritis, blood purification, lymphatic cleaning, blood sugar regulation, Candida, Eczema and Psoriasis.

HELP FOR PETS: Veterinarians find both Aveloz and Taheebo effectively treat cancerous tumors and leukemia in Cats and Dogs. They are natural herbs, so do not interfere with other medications. (In pets or people!) 

INGREDIENTS: Both Aveloz & Taheebo are 100% Natural Botanical  (herbal)  Products.

DIRECTIONS:  Each case is different. As a guide 5 to 10 drops 3 times a day in juice of Aveloz or Taheebo. Take  1500 Mg. of Vitamin C for each 15 drops of Aveloz or Taheebo. Except for a slight irritation of the kidneys, when Aveloz or Taheebo are doing their job, Aveloz & Taheebo have no ill side effects.

WARNING! There are cheap extract imitations which can be dangerous. Use only certifiably pure Aveloz & Taheebo "concentrates!"  All substitutes contain impurities.

Life Extension ™ Aveloz & Taheebo

A  Potent  Combination In The  Fight  Against  Cancer

     Used Together, The  Anti-Cancer  Agents   Aveloz and Taheebo “TEA”  Are   Especially  Effective

Product # 210

*  Aveloz  (1  oz.  Bottle)


Discount @ 6 or more  Bottles  (30.00  ea)

Product # 211

*  Aveloz  (1  Pt.  Bottle)


Discount @ 2 or more  Bottles  (374.75  ea)

   Product # 215

 * Taheebo  Concentrate   (1  oz.  Bottle)


Discount @ 6 or more Bottles  (22.50  ea)



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The "instructions" that come with "Aveloz" and "Taheebo" are general instructions intended as "parameters" for Physicians, and/or people familiar with their particular condition.

Such familiarization comes only from testing, and a knowledge of the patients physical condition, age, and the type as well as the progression of the cancer involved. No two cases are the same. The amount and frequency of administration of these two products varies greatly from patient to patient depending on what they or their physician fell they can tolerate, the type of cancer involved, their age, physical condition etc.

The "5 drops, 3 times a day in tea or water" directions for Aveloz; and the 5-10 drops in 1oz. of water (Orange juice has proven to be better in both cases) for Taheebo, is recommended as safe and effective for the "average" condition (if there truly is such a thing). Statements like "Every Hour" refer to "Critical" cases. Obviously, one would then continue 24 hrs. a day until the patient is no longer critical.

It is recommended that one start with the dosages on the labels and increase or decrease the daily dosage as their body tolerates these products and/or their condition improves. If one feels his condition is more serious and warrants slightly more, he should take more. If one is taking these products as a preventive measure he would take less. If you are under the care of a physician it is recommended that you consult your own physician. He or she will be in a better position to determine the daily dose best suited for you. In the event he or she is unfamiliar with these products or the work being done worldwide with Aveloz & Taheebo, you can refer him to the MEDLARS.

Common sense mandates that you take the amount that would offer optimum results. Too little may not give the help desired, and too much would simply be wasting these valuable products, and possibly irritating the kidneys, because the body would simply pass out what it does not use.

Cats & Dogs follow a different set of rules because their metabolisms treat Aveloz differently. There is still insufficient feedback to determine a "Standard" or "Recommended " dose of Aveloz or Taheebo to use on Cats or Dogs. Reports of success vary form 1 drop per lb. once a day, to 2 drops per lb. three (or in the worse case reported) up to four times a day. The type cancer, its location, the pet's age and breed all play a part in determining dosage. For example, Poodles & Schnauzers seem to require more than Dobermans or Shepherds. Most Veterinarians start with 1 drop per lb. once a day and (if necessary) work slowly up to as much as 2 drops per lb. three times a day.

The bottom line is to use the minimum amount of either Aveloz or Taheebo that will produce the desired results.










New research reveals that Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) when properly combined with catalase and glutathione; (a formula referred to as Rheumatex®) successfully combats rheumatoid arthritis by reducing swelling.

The properties of SOD have long been known but regarded as effective only by injection because of its vulnerability to digestive enzymes. American ingenuity has now developed an enteric coated proteolitic enzyme capsulet providing the ability to absorb SOD orally.

The following observations resulted from over 100 patient case studies during a ten year period.

1. Dosage:

A. Two to six capsules daily on arising at least one-half hour before breakfast or on an empty stomach seemed most effective.

2. Side Effects: (Unfavorable observations 2%)

A. Approximately 1% reported cephalgia, presumably due to wheat sensitivity. Symptoms left and returned on repeated trial.

B. One subject with crippling rheumatoid arthritis reported definite aggravation of joint symptoms during repeated trials.

3. Favorable Observations:

A. Acute lumbar disc pain. 78% of individuals treated benefited.

1. Virtually all cases were documented as bulging or even extruding intervertebral disc cases. The first case was scheduled for surgery after three weeks of hospital management. Biotic SOD was started at 8 capsules daily on Tuesday. Surgery was scheduled for the following Monday, but The order was canceled. The patient remained asymptomatic a year-plus later, and stopped SOD after 30 days. CAT SCANS proved a disc particle was still herniated after SOD was discontinued. SOD relieved swelling and irritation of the nerve root responsible for the pain. The extruded disc material shriveled up in 6 months becoming harmless.

B. Chronic Cervical Pain. (Disc + Radiculopathy): 100% of cases managed improved or completely relieved of pain.

1. All cases of cervical outlet pain accompanied by chronic neck-shoulder-arm pain were markedly improved or completely relieved of pain.

C. Arthritis Pain.

1. Rheumatoid arthritis (severe and crippling): 78% positive response of inconsistently fair to excellent degree. Advanced cases often reported uniform reduction in swelling and stiffness of joints such as in the hands, but no relief of pain. Milder cases reported near complete and continuing relief of all joint symptoms including pain during SOD consumption.

2. Osteoarthritis: 72% of patients improved. This form of arthritis responded mostfavorably in the shoulder, hand and knee joint locations. Hip arthritis responded poorly.

INGREDIENTS: Each Capsule Contains: 4,000 units Superoxide Dismutase; 8,000 units Catalese; 600 units Glutathione Peroxidase; in a base of  bovine liver. 

DIRECTIONS:  2 to 6 Capsules daily depending on severity. Increase or decrease dose to find the smallest dose that affords relief.

Life Extension 


In a recent study, 78% of rheumatoid arthritis patients reported uniform reduction in swelling and stiffness of joints.


Product # 230

*  Rheumatex  (90  Capsules)


Discount @ 4 or more Bottles  (20.90 ea)


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With the introduction of stricter controls on the use of steroids to stimulate muscle growth, Life Extension has recognized the need for a natural alternative. This alternative is Protogen-A. Protogen-A is an all-natural product found in extract of brovine; (Protogen-A is the actual name of the active ingredient, it is not a trade name). Anatomic research has shown that Protogen-A stimulates growth and increases muscle size and density. This product is designed for Body Builders, Exercise fanatics, World Class Athletes and people who simply would like to increase their muscle mass in relation to their body fat and do it with a very limited amount of exercise.


WHAT IT IS: An exceptionally pure, natural product derived from prized grass-fed cattle. Freed of fat, water and connective tissue, and flash frozen to -18 degrees C . It is highly nutritious and is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.


PURPOSE: To burn fat and increase muscle mass, provide extra energy  and  suppress  appetites.


RESEARCH:  Muscle is your body’s metabolic engine! It requires more energy to maintain than fat, which means it can burn off more calories, even at rest. To support and maintain lean mass, you need Protogen-A  It is perfect for anyone whose calories are restricted or who burns calories too quickly. It’s a 100% protein matrix that consists of a unique protein blend designed to maximize your body’s ability to preserve lean muscle tissue under intense, stressful situations such as dieting or competing. Anatomic research  shows Protogen-A stimulates growth and increases muscle size and density. It is for people who would  like  to increase their muscle mass  in  relation  to  their  body  fat  and  do  it  with   a   limited   amount   of  exercise.

Losing muscle mass, whether you are a bodybuilder or just an individual trying to selectively burn body fat, the goal is the same: Preserve Lean Mass. Protogen-A’s exclusive protein matrix is engineered to maximize anti-catabolism. It can (1) maintain lean mass; (2) provide extra energy; (3) prime your metabolic potential; and (4) help suppress appetites. Under calorie-deficit situations, your body demands higher ratios of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glucogenic amino acids. Gluconeogenic substrates are critical for generating extra energy during fasting (dieting) and preventing the leakage of aminos out of muscle tissue.

During sustained low carb/low fat dieting, your lean muscle tissues release glucogenic amino acids to increase gluconeogenesis, a process where additional glucose is produced for energy. As this process continues, you lose more and more muscle. Protogen-A prevents that from occurring by providing more alanine, glutamine, glycine, threonine, serine, methionine, tyrosine and lysine than any other protein supplement.

Protogen-A is high in BCAAs, particularly leucine, which studies show help preserve valuable lean mass during  exercise and dieting. BCAAs are also a source of energy and help the body selectively  burn fat for energy  during  carbohydrate-depleted states.

Finally, Protogen-A is rich in flavones and protein fractions which can enhance thyroid function for maximum fat burning and help you feel fuller, longer through CCK release. Protogen-A is also perfect for low carb dieters as it contains less than 1g of carbs  per serving and  no sugars.

INGREDIENTS: Each Tablet Contains 250mg. of Pure Protogen-A in a natural liver base, no artificial colors, salt, starch or preservatives. 

DIRECTIONS:  1 Tablet, 3 Times a Day, with food.



Product # 235

Protogen-A  (90  Tablets)


Discount @ 4 or more Bottles  (18.85 ea)


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For Memory,  IQ, Focus & Concentration 

Cognodyne For Mind Power

Cognodyne is designed to Rejuvenate Brain Power and enhance focus and concentration. With age cognitive abilities decline; brain cells wear out, resulting in decreased brain function, ability to focus, concentrate and recall where we placed the keys, etc.

Cognodyne protects the brain, sharpens mental focus and cognitive function, and restores short-term memory loss. Its proprietary balanced formula contains scientifically proven ingredients in exact amounts to produce increased focus, mind power, concentration and to reverse short-term memory loss.

RESEARCH: A major cause of brain aging is the deterioration of the energy-producing components of brain cells which results in reduced cellular metabolic activity, the accumulation of cellular debris, and eventual death of the brain cell. To perform its complex functions, the brain requires a continuous high-energy level. Aging brain cells are inefficient at glucose intake and mitochondrial energy production. This allows for the buildup of cellular debris, eventually destroying brain cells and causing age-related cognitive decline.

Cognodyne contains Acetyl-L-carnitine which enhances Brain Cell Energy while preventing the accumulation of toxic fatty acids in the brain. It helps reverse mitochondrial breakdown, oxidative damage, and memory loss.

A review of controlled clinical studies suggests benefits of Acetyl-L-carnitine in probable Alzheimer’s disease. Compared to placebo, Acetyl-L-carnitine was better at improving memory scores. It slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in younger subjects,” researchers concluded from a well-designed study of more than 300 patients, conducted at 24 US clinics.

Acetyl-L-carnitine has shown to counteract several mechanisms of brain cell damage. Studies show Acetyl-L-carnitine protects against temporary cerebral ischemia and protects brain cells against glutamate-induced and ammonia-induced toxicity. As we grow older, circulation to the brain diminishes, setting off pathological events that result in neurological impairment. Acetyl-L-carnitine protects against much of the negative effects aging induces in the brain.

Reports on Acetyl-L-carnitine for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease are paradoxical. A placebo-controlled study at Stanford University School of Medicine showed Alzheimer's patients under age 62 benefited more from Acetyl-L-carnitine than older patients. It concluded that Acetyl-L-carnitine slows the progression of Alzheimer's disease in younger subjects.

Cognodyne contains Phosphatidyl Serine (PS) or Phosphatidylserine, which was shown in research at Stanford University School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and the finest medical research schools around the world to reverse memory loss by rebuilding brain cell membranes. PS improves the functioning of brain chemistry. It also blocks the memory killing affects of cortisol; thus reversing stress related memory loss. PS has proven to reverse memory loss in countless clinical trials. Research shows PS reverses brain aging by 12 years; in effect making the brain as productive as it was 12 years ago.

Cognodyne also contains Ginkgo Biloba which hundreds of medical studies have shown to quickly increase blood flow to your brain. It improves mood, Regenerates brain cell membranes, Stimulates short-term memory, Increases focus and concentration and prevents age-related memory loss. In short Cognodyne is Mind Power.

 Lipase is also in Cognodyne to assimilate the other ingredients into the blood and into the brain faster.

The ingredients in Cognodyne are scientifically formulated to increase blood flow to your brain, and increase oxygen delivery. They also protect your brain cells from the ravaging effects of stress. The perfect balance of brain-boosting ingredients Acetyl-L-carnitine, PS, and Ginkgo Biloba made to better assimilate with lipase! Cognodyne sharpens memory and produces a sense of alertness and improved cognition. It is designed for mental energy and focus; Greater recall of names, faces, and numbers and the ability to retain and recall information.  

 It is the "Exact Balance" of these ingredients that enable Cognodyne to be effective preventing memory loss and  enhancing brain power. It is formulated to improve the ability to pay attention, concentrate and focus; and to help reverse short term memory loss.

INGREDIENTS: L-carnitine (as Acetyl-L-carnitine) 250 Mg. Phosphatidyl Serine (PS) 100 mcg. Ginkgo Biloba (leaf) 20 Mg. Lipase 20 Mg.


DIRECTIONS: 2 tablets daily with food. You may take 4 tablets to reverse short memory loss or improve the ability to focus concentrate.


Life Extension ™ COGNODYNE®  

Product # 237

Cognodyne  (100 Tablets)


Discount @4 or more Bottles  (27.25  ea)


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XtendOLife®  and Lifex® are  registered  Trademarks  of   Life  Extension



For Intelligence,  Mind  And  Memory

It was once believed that intelligence or IQ, could not be increased. That you were born with a certain capacity and it, like the color of your eyes, would not appreciably change throughout your life. Now we know more about how the brain works, and we know that the old belief is wrong. We can increase our IQ, and enhance our ability to learn and remember, in much the same way as we can increase our life span.

DMAE is an acronym for Dimethyl-Amino-Ethanol, commonly (Dimethylaminoethanol). It is a mind and memory enhancement nutrient that has been proven to safely increase a person's level of Choline, the raw material necessary for the brain to produce the all important neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, vital to learning and memory.

According to the lysosome/lipofuscin theory of aging, lysosomes recycle unused proteins, lipids, and mitochondria to remove cellular debris. But over time they accumulate lipofuscin (age or ‘liver spots’ seen on the skin of older people which also accumulate internally) and they become less effective. This results in the build up of cellular debris which in turn slows mental capacity while it accelerates aging. DMAE can help prevent both external and internal ‘age spots’ thereby increasing mental capacity and possibly slowing this accelerated aging process.

ANTI AGING BENEFITS: DMAE also is known and appreciated for its ability to stabilize brain as well as central nervous system cell membranes as they degenerate with advancing age. Most Anti Aging Scientists believe that one process which accelerates aging is this cell-membrane degeneration.

DMAE is chemically similar to Choline, however it has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier faster and more effectively than Choline itself. Once inside the brain cells it is converted into Choline and phosphatidylcholine which goes to work actively rebuilding damaged cell membranes.

Brain cells, as we age, produce waste matter (lipofuscin). Eventually, this cellular refuse blocks cellular reproduction and neurotransmission resulting in a decline in the ability to learn, remember, think clearly, or feel actively alert. DMAE has been shown to actually reduce this build up of lipofuscin in brain cells, which is one more way it is beneficial to mind and memory enhancement.

DEPRESSION: DMAE “has been shown to relieve depression, fight daytime fatigue and provide mental stimulation.” Studies show DMAE may also be beneficial to hyperactive and attention span deficit children. 

A MOOD ELEVATOR PLUS: Besides mind and memory enhancement, there are other obvious benefits to taking DMAE as a daily nutritional supplement. It has been shown to elevate the mood of depressed patients. It is also very useful in fighting daytime fatigue, and providing enduring mental stimulation.

Scientists are also continuing research on hyper active children, and with children that have an attention span deficit. The results of this research indicate that DMAE may well be beneficial to children in both situations.

INGREDIENTS: Each Tablet: 10 Mg.  Acetylcholine.  Synapatc Factor: Herbal Proteinomeric Neuro-Transmitter Release Agent.  Guarana  775 Mg. Potentiating Factor.

DIRECTIONS:  First 3 Days: 2 Tablets 3 Times a Day. Thereafter: 1 Tablet 3 Times a Day. Take Between Meals. Do Not Take at Bedtime.


Life Extension DMAE

Each Drop contains 35 Mg. of pure DMAE

Product # 243

  DMAE  (1 Oz.)


Discount @ 4 or more Bottles  (9.95  ea)


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Although there is no “official” cure and efforts to develop a vaccine are ongoing, to date Herpecide S2+D is Our Best Weapon Against Herpes.  It  treats, and some researchers say may even cure, Herpes! It stops Herpes and allow people to live healthy lives.


A lifelong disease that has a tendency to recur again and again, evidenced by blistery sores around the mouth, or in the case of genital herpes, on and around the genital organs. It is highly contagious often resulting from having sexual relations with someone who has an active infection.

RESEARCH: Life Extension Scientists perfected Herpecide S2+D, applied it to Herpes blisters which healed in 2 to 3 days!  Follow-ups found no recurrence for over a year.  In 10,000 cases, 81% of the blisters disappeared in half the time. 

A Cure?  Probably not;  but it promotes healing faster and more effectively than anything yet found, and is  “EFFECTIVE” on both types of Herpes, genital Herpes and  oral Herpes.  

It is estimated that up to 80 percent of the adult American population has oral Herpes, and 20 percent, over 50 million people, have genital Herpes, and most are unaware they have it.

Once the virus enters the body , an active infection may develop. If it does, the virus may (and often is) passed on to others. Sometimes, a person can be contagious without having the blisters.

The overwhelming majority of people who have genital Herpes, do not know they have Herpes because they either do not know the symptoms to look for, or the symptoms they are experiencing are so mild they may easily be confused with ailments other than genital Herpes.

Although some people do have a severe outbreak within days of contracting the Herpes virus, most do not and it may take days, or even months for ‘real’ symptoms to appear. Of course, this also makes it difficult to know where and/or  from whom you may have contracted the virus.

Millions of people who suffer from recurrent Herpes and/or cold sore outbreaks, may finally stop waiting for a medication or a combination of medications that will actually stop the outbreaks rather than of just suppressing the symptoms! Life Extension Scientists tested Herpecide on tens of thousands of people to kill the Herpes virus and stop their Herpes infections.

Herpes and the Newborn: A women with genital herpes can easily infect her child during delivery. Many such babies die.

Herpes and Cancer: Some studies show women with genital herpes are more likely to develop cancer of the cervix. Fortunately, a Pap smear detects it at an early stage, so it can be dealt with effectively.



Due to the remarkable results, Life Extension now offers this product as an exclusive. It work so well it can safely and efficiently be used as a preventive. Herpecide™ Gel should be applied to blisters 4 times a day. It is effective on both types of Herpes with no ill side effects.


INGREDIENTS HerpecideS2+D®: Each ounce  Gel:  contains Octoxynol-9, L-Lysine, Pharmaceutical DMSO, BHT, Bio-Sulfur, Hydroxyethyl cellulose, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Allantoine..

DIRECTIONS: Clean area. Apply Herpecide S2+D™  Gel 4  times a  day to herpes and/or  cold sore  blisters. 


Product  # 245

Herpecide  S2+D  (1 oz.  Gel)


Discount @ 4 or more Bottles  (13.85  ea)

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What's Better For Impotence ?

Viagra®  Or Aphrodesia® ?


There has been considerable media hype over Sildenafil Citrate, originally patented by Pfizer and marketed as Viagra® and now under several knockoff names. This is one of a new class of medications known as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. They work by increasing the flow of blood to the penis.

These drugs work, but have two drawbacks: They are very expensive and we do not know what the long range side effects may be.

Increased Flow Of Blood To The Penis, Thus Better Erections, Is Now Accomplished By Other Means.

Ten years have passed since scientists at Stanford University were inundated by men volunteering to test a purported aphrodisiac that has been found extremely effective in laboratory animals.

"The data suggests that yohimbine may be a true aphrodisiac," said Dr. Julian M. Davidson, professor of physiology at Stanford's medical school. "Further research could lead to developments in pharmacological treatment of sexual dysfunction."

The results with male rats, he said, were important "because rats provide a good model for certain biological aspects of human sexual behavior including sex drive."

"Up until now the only thing we could do was insert a prosthesis into the penis," said Dr. Morales. "But this was not always satisfactory. Either the patient had a permanent erection or, if he could afford a $4,000 inflatable prosthesis, it often developed mechanical problems."

Psychiatrist Dr. David Surridge, and psychologist Peter Marshall, the other members of the three-man team stated: "Until now treatment for impotency has lain with the psychiatrist. Just 20 years ago it was thought that 97% of all impotency problems were in the head. Now we realize that as many as 50 percent may be purely physical."

Of the 300 men who volunteered, 40 were chosen to take part in experiments testing the drug, "yohimbine" (not to be confused with "Yohimbe").

Laboratory experiments with both male and female rats over four years have found that injections of the drug induced intense sexual arousal and performance in the animals. Rats in the tests sought sexual encounters twice as often as rats not receiving the drug.

"The data suggest that yohimbine may be a true aphrodisiac," said Dr. Julian M. Davidson, professor of physiology at Stanford's medical school. "Further research could lead to developments in pharmacological treatment of sexual dysfunction."

More recent reports in Current Therapeutic Research, Science Digest, and The Journal of Urology indicate that this compound, now tested on over 10,000 impotent men reporting 80% success in 10 weeks of steady use, is indeed a successful treatment for impotency.

The results were progressive and cumulative: the percentage of favorable responses steadily increased during the 10 weeks of the test. 19% reported good to excellent results after one week, and 83% reported good to excellent results after 10 weeks with no serious side effects reported.

In another recent study conducted by a three-man research team at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada, doctors found that 26% of their subjects recovered full sexual function after only eight weeks. Another 17% were able to achieve partial success.

"The results of our study are very encouraging," Dr. Alvaro Morales, a urologist who spearheaded the study, reports. Dr. Morales points out that this is the first time organic impotency, which is due to a physical cause rather than a psychological one, has been treated with a method other than surgery.

Dr. Morales explains that yohimbine is successful because it cures one of the most common causes of impotence­­poor blood circulation to the penis, "Yohimbine can cause the blood vessels in the genital area to enlarge, thus improving blood flow," he said.

Psychiatrist Dr. David Surridge, and psychologist Peter Marshall, the other members of the three-man team stated: "Until now treatment for impotency has lain with the psychiatrist. Just 20 years ago it was thought that 97% of all impotency problems were in the head. Now we realize that as many as 50 percent may be purely physical".

In the stampede to cure impotency some people are being confused into thinking that "Yohimbe" is "Yohimbine". They are not at all the same thing.

Dr. Morales' team has still not determined exactly what percent of the millions of men who suffer from impotency will be cured by Yohimbine.

INGREDIENTS: Each Capsule: Yohimbine (Not Yohimbe) 25 mg., Kelp 10 mg., Zinc Orotate 120 mg., Niacin 20 mg., Selenium 200 mcg., Damiana Leaf 20 mg., Siberian Ginseng 60 mg., Bee Pollen 75 mg., Lecithin 25 mg., L-Lysine 20 mg., Calcium Gluconate 90 mg.Pituitary Gland Extract 35 mg.

 DIRECTIONS:  4 Capsules daily for 3 days. Thereafter, 2 Capsules  a  day, or as directed  by a  physician.


Successful Treatment For Impotency

The amazing aphrodisiac power of Yohimbine has been reported in scientific journals such as Current Therapeutic Research. At Queen's University in Kingston, Canada, doctors found that 26 percent of their subjects recovered full sexual function after only eight weeks.

Product # 255

Aphrodesia  (60  Capsules)


Discount @ 4 or more Bottles  (29.10 ea)


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UltraSex ®

Is It Really Possible ?


It was only after being inundated with requests for a safe Product that would actually work in enhancing the libido, or sex drive, of both Men and Women, that Life Extension unleashed its staff of experts on such a project.

The problems were many. First, several members of the Board felt that it would be beneath our dignity to undertake such a project; that it was not in keeping with our motto of "Research into Products for a Healthier, longer life span". But they were outvoted by those who believe a healthy active sex life is in keeping with that goal; and in fact that an active sex life will actually help keep a person younger, because the body (and mind) are convinced that person is still propagating the life form.

The research was extensive, and the product they came up with should not in any way be confused with the product "Aphrodesia" (a serious medication that increases the flow of blood to the penis of impotent men).

The research started at the US Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia on Avena Sativa, an extensively tested botanical extract of Wild Oats (also called Green Oats). Avena Sativa is a natural substance that has been researched, tested and subjected to crossover Double Blind Studies by The Institute For Sex Research, The National Institute Of Mental Health, and The Institute of Advanced Study Of Human Sexuality and The Research Center For Applied Sexual Behavior, for over 20 years.

It started with some well known basics (i.e. that testosterone is the hormone most responsible for stimulating sexual desire in both men and women). As we age, our testosterone levels not only decrease, but the little that is left "binds" and is no longer as effective in stimulating our sex drive.

When researchers discovered that Avena Sativa frees up testosterone, we knew we had the first (and most potent) ingredient for a Libido Enhancement Formula.

People taking Zoloft and similar antidepressant products should note that while products like Zoloft adds serotonin to the brain it also somehow reduces dopamine which controls sex drive. In such cases testosterone builder may help, especially when taken with UltraSex; because Testosterone builder will put more gunpowder in your bullets, but you need the mindset to pull the trigger. UltraSex may well help in that area.

The test results on subjects using only Avena Sativa were impressive (although over hyped by the media). Both men and women involved in the study reported increased sexual desire, sexual fantasies, enhanced genital sensation, greater frequency of sexual intercourse, heightened and increased frequency of orgasms, and overall greatly enhanced sexual gratification.

Women reported an absolutely remarkable increase in multiple orgasms. Some of the men involved in the test also reported (in many cases their first) multiple orgasms.

The statistics (percentage of increase in erections, intercourse, multiple orgasms, sexual desire, improved performance, increased free testosterone levels) and the many case histories reported, are more than sufficient to convince even the most ardent skeptic, that Avena Sativa greatly enhances the sex drive of both men and women.

However, since there are more testosterone receptors in the female brain, in order for Avena Sativa to be as effective in women, as it is in men, it had to be concentrated.

Would this make it too potent for men ? The answer is "possibly for men who are already very sexually aware". It is not recommended for such men. They may find themselves excited almost constantly, and will likely experience long lasting erections and even ejaculation with little or no outside stimulus.

But such men have no need of this product, and would probably never use it. Men who have erection problems, need sexual arousal, or do not experience powerful orgasms, will most likely obtain the same degree of benefit as do women. For this reason, it was not necessary to have a separate formula for men and women.

As effective as Avena Sativa or green oats is, it alone was not sufficient for Life Extension to offer for Libido enhancement. We next tested Yohimbe (the natural form of the Yohimbine, which is the only medically approved aphrodisiac). Yohimbe works on the central nervous system. It blocks alpha-2-adrenergenic nerve receptors, thus maintaining and extending a heightened arousal in the clitoris in women, and the penis in men, by maintaining and extending vasocongestion in the penis and clitoris.

There has been more Scientific Research conducted on Yohimbe than Avena Sativa. An averaging of test results show that between 34 and 45 percent of men using Yohimbe alone, experience improved and more frequent erections, and many sex researchers believe it results in increased desire and arousal in women.

Next came Sarsaparilla, because of its function of increasing blood necessary for heightened arousal. Then tests started on Siberian Ginseng, Damiana, Saw Palmetto, Fo-Ti, Ginkgo Biloba, Yerba Mate, Irise Moss, White Yellow, and Cayenne, each with a specific role and ability to enhance sexual performance, and each an important part of this special formula.

ONLY NOW (after all the testing is completed and the results analyzed and evaluated) can we offer our members a safe Product that will actually enhance the libido, or sex drive, of both Men and Women. And we are not taking anything away from our image as the world's leader in "research into products for a longer, healthier, life span", because we are filling a need. Thus, it is with a great amount of pride that Life Extension now offers:

INGREDIENTS: Each 3 Capsules: Yohimbe 4:1 Extract. (Equal to 1,000mg.)   250 mg., Wild Oats (Avena Sativa) 200mg, Siberian Ginseng 200mg., Damiana 200mg, Saw Palmetto 200mg, Sarsaparilla 200mg, Fo-Ti 100mg, Ginkgo Biloba 50mg, Yerba Mate 50mg, Irise Moss 50mg, White Yellow 50mg, Cayenne 25mg.

DIRECTIONS: 3 capsules daily. For extra pleasure take 4 capsules just prior to having sex. UltraSex®  heightens  the  pleasure  of  sex.  Do  Not   confuse  it  with  “Aphrodesia”  a  treatment   to  improve  the  ability  to   perform  sexually.


Libido Enhancement Formula

A special formula, designed to enhance sexual performance in both men and women


Product # 262

UltraSex   (90  Capsules)


Discount  @  4 or more Bottles  (41.40  ea)


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New  Product  To "Build" Testosterone




Testosterone Builder is not a precursor to testosterone. It actually “builds” testosterone in the body!

PROTOCOL: Clinical trials show that triggering the 17 a-hyroxylase/17,20 lyase (CYP17) enzyme greatly enhances the metabolism of pregnenolone, and of 17-OH pregnenolone; resulting in the production of dehyroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and the accelerated metabolism of progesterone!


Activating the 17 a-hyroxylase/17,20 lyase (CYP17) enzyme, also converts 17-OH progesterone to 4-androstenedione! The result is additional testosterone AND additional FREE  Testosterone; as well as increased levels of SHBG, cGMP, cAMP, and DHEA.


This is how Testosterone Builder builds testosterone, increases IGF1 levels and modulates Cortisol levels. The bioactive ingredients in Testosterone Builder significantly boost sex drive and function, in both men and women, by increasing testosterone and also by inhibiting the Binding Sex Hormone Globulin (SHBG).


Testosterone Builder also increases adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the basic unit of energy in the body. Increasing ATP results in improved vitality & energy, without insomnia, anxiety or jittery nerves.

Research at MIT confirms that Testosterone Builder Increases testosterone production; Improves physical and mental performance; Enhances energy levels, endurance, and stamina; Reduces mental fatigue; Tones skin and muscle; Enhances hair growth; Improves immune function; Improves blood pressure, circulation, and blood sugar; Increases mental and physical sensitivity to sexual stimulus due to an increase in free testosterone levels in 76% of individuals; plus on average increases DHEA levels 47% in 3 weeks.

But there is much more to Testosterone Builder: The addition of the Beta-Sistosterol, the DHT Blocker naturally-derived from botanical sources, promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. And the addition of the Growth Hormone Secretagogues Mucuna Pruriens Standardized for 15% L-dopa, increases HGH!


Beta-Sistosterol is a hair growth hair loss treatment and DHT Blocker backed by independent and published FDA-Regulated research. It is clinically-proven to be safe and effective for both men and women to help stop thinning hair, hair loss and re-grow hair naturally.


Newest research now attributes almost all hair loss to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) buildup on the scalp and hair follicles. Once DHT has destroyed a hair follicle, and the hair follicle falls out, that hair can never re-grow.


People taking Zoloft and similar antidepressant products should note that while products like Zoloft adds serotonin to the brain it also somehow reduces dopamine which controls sex drive. In such cases testosterone builder may help, especially when taken with UltraSex; because Testosterone builder will put more gunpowder in your bullets, but you need the mindset to pull the trigger. UltraSex may well help in that area.

Beta-Sistosterol - Blocks the formation of DHT - Blocks DHT from the androgen receptors sites found on the hair follicles – and promotes healthy prostrate function.


5-Alpha-Reductase (5AR) is an enzyme in the body which converts the hormone testosterone into Di Hydro Testosterone  or (DHT) . DHT is important developmentally early in a man's life. However, it is widely believed to precipitate the most common variety of hair loss. In pattern hair loss, DHT triggers a chain of events that result in a negative growth cycle of hairs within susceptible hair follicles. The affected hair follicles continue in this negative progression until they no longer produce visible hair.

DHT binds (or locks into) to specific points on the hair follicle known as androgen receptor sites. The DHT then causes the follicles to shrink.

It is the binding (locking) of DHT inside the hair follicles and roots that is one of the primary causes of male and female pattern hair loss. It results in smaller, thinner, weaker, virtually invisible hairs (lighter in color). Eventually the hair follicles and roots may die and the hair falls out!

Research has also shown that DHT is found at the base of the hair shaft, or at its roots.  There it creates a wax-like substance around the roots and thus constricts the blood supply to them.

Proper nutrition is critical in order to maintain strong, healthy hairs. A restricted blood supply to the hair roots (dermal papilla) prevents necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals from bringing nourishment needed to sustain life in those hairs.


Research has shown that in susceptible individuals, DHT contributes to the miniaturization of the hair follicles, weakening of the hairs themselves in those follicles, a shortening of the hair growth phase and a lengthening of the hair resting phase. As the growing phase becomes shorter, the quality of the hair degenerates, so the hairs becomes thinner, weaker and lighter in color. At the same time, there is more frequent fall out of those smaller and weaker hairs. This results in a gradual thinning of the hair on the affected areas of the scalp - hence, baldness may set in at those places.

 Testosterone Builder also slows the aging process, improves energy and sexual function, and helps to reduce risk factors associated with hypertension and cardiovascular disease. In vitro studies show Testosterone Builder is not only capable in increasing testosterone production but at the same time it also influences the synthesis of pheromone- aƒzƒn which plays an important role in communication, psychological and sexual behavior both in human and animals.

Testosterone Builder has been shown through human clinical trails to be effective for variety of changes and imbalances in the body, including sexual enhancement, Syndrome X, Anti-Aging, Andropause, fat loss, sports nutrition, and more. In the higher doses, it's the ideal supplement for body builders.


Low levels of testosterone can result in hardening and narrowing of arteries, blood-clotting, high blood pressure, and higher levels of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides!  Testosterone relieves claudication, the painful obstruction of arteries in the legs!  Men with angina pain, which indicates clogged arteries and often precedes a heart attack, improved dramatically by taking testosterone-boosting drugs! 

Independent Research shows 250mg of Testosterone Builder to double serum testosterone levels in 2-3 weeks; and increase DHEA levels 45+%, while being completely safe and non-toxic, even at doses 1,000+ times the recommended suggested dose.

Testosterone Builder also contains The Growth Hormone Secretagogues Mucuna Pruriens Standardized for 15% L-dopa!


Dopamine is an essential component of our body and it's required for proper functioning of the brain.  Research has discovered that the body converts the amino acid tyrosine into L-dopa; L-dopa is then converted into dopamine. Without the neurotransmitter dopamine to serve a damping effect on neural transmissions, muscles become tense and tremble.


Mucuna Pruriens contains a significant amount of naturally occurring L-dopa, an amino acid that converts into dopamine. Mucuna pruriens has long been used in traditional Ayurvedic Indian medicine for Parkinson Disease. In a randomized, controlled, double blind clinical trials, researchers found the natural source of L-dopa from Mucuna Pruriens possess advantages over conventional L-dopa preparations in the long term management of Parkinson Disease.


L-dopa may be useful for improving attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by improving sleep disorder. ADHD is a chronic, neurologically based syndrome characterised by restlessness, distractibility and impulsivity. Many patients with ADHD experience sleep disorder that may cause them to be inattentive and hyperactive due to sleep deprivation. According to a study released during the American Academy of Neurology, patients taking Levadopa showed marked improvement in their sleep disorder, behavior, and mental acuity. Researchers argue that there may be a common link -- a dopaminergic deficiency in the brain that causes both the sleep disorders and the ADHD.Early pharmacological studies, published in 1927 and 1930 respectively, proved (in the rabbit) that L-dopa exerted significant effects on glucose metabolism (causing marked hyperglycemia) and on arterial blood pressure. Powdered Mucuna pruriens seeds (contains 3-4% L Dopa) were given to normal and diabetic rabbits. In normal group 0.5, 1 and 2 g/kg of M. pruriens significantly decreased the blood glucose levels while in diabetic rabbits only 1 and 2 g/kg body weight caused a significant fall. High levels of trace elements like manganese, zinc, and others were found in these seeds. Therefore, it is conceivable that M. pruriens seeds contain hypoglycaemic principles, may be both organic and mineral, which seem to act indirectly by stimulating the release of insulin and/or by a direct insulin-like action.


A group of French Urologists used apomorphine (Dopamine activator) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. When animals have probes implanted that let them self-stimulate the pleasure pathway [dorsal raphe - ventral tegmental area – nucleus accumbens (NA)/prefrontal cortex (PFC)], they will often stimulate dopamine release into the NA/PFC, rather than eat or sleep, until they starve to death. This provides a strong evidence that participation of dopaminergic system in the control of sexual function. Dopamine is a precursor to adrenaline. Dopaminergic networks are associated with "pleasure and movement centers" and are thought to control mood, motivation and reward. Many rewards and pleasures can ‘trip the dopamine pleasure switch’, including sex, food, hugging, kissing, etc. Experimental data suggest that the release of dopamine are present at all stages of sexual behaviour in rodents. It is likely that dopamine can trigger penile erection by acting on oxytocinergic neurons located in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus, and perhaps on the pro-erectile sacral parasympathetic nucleus within the spinal cord.  


Mucuna Pruriens has also been popular among athletes as L- Dopa contains natural secretagogues which may support the body's ability to stimulate the natural release of growth hormone. The blood carries the dopamine into the brain, where it naturally increases HGH production from the pituitary gland. Human growth hormone (hGH), or somatotropin, is a protein made up of 191 amino acids which is secreted by the pituitary gland and coordinates normal growth and development. Receptors which respond to hGH exist on cells and tissues throughout the body. The most obvious effect of hGH is on linear skeletal development. But the metabolic effects of hGH on muscle, the liver, and fat cells are critical to its function. The increased dopamine levels also optimize the production of other hormones, including testosterone, leading to increased sex drive and improved sexual performance for both men and women, beneficial in stimulating muscle growth, as well as burning fat from fat cells.

 L-Dopa provides a large number of health benefits:

Dramatically Strengthens The Immune System;  Regenerates The Heart, Kidney, Liver & Lungs;  Promotes Deep Sleep;  Reduces Body Fat &  Cellulite; Decreases Wrinkles;  Proves Skin Texture And Appearance; Increases Bone Density & Reverses  Osteoporosis; Increases Lean Muscle Mass; Improves Mood And Sense Of Well Being; Enhances Libido & Sexual Performance; Increases Energy Levels; Improves Cholesterol Levels!

For sexual enhancement, men can take 4 Capsules one hour prior to sexual activity.  Women, take 3 Capsules 1 hour prior to sexual activity.


Testosterone Builder is also highly anti-histemic, and quite effective for immediate allergy relief. 


INGREDIENTS: Each Capsule: (Longjack Extract Complex) 250 Mg. Growth Hormone Secretagogues (Mucuna Pruirens Extract) 250 Mg. Standardized  for 15% L-Dopa, DHT Blocker (B-Sitosterol) 250 Mg.

 DIRECTIONS: FOR ADULT MALES ONLY! 3 Capsules daily with or without food. Do not use if under age 22, or if pregnant, nursing, or at risk of prostate or breast cancer. Discontinue use if adverse side effects or nervousness, loss of appetite or nausea occur.


 Testosterone Builder™

(For Sexual Vitality,  A Healthy Heart And Hair)  

Product # 265

Testosterone  Builder  (90  Capsules)


Discount @  4 or more  Bottles  (32.70 ea)

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