Materials to be consumed are classified into three categories: pharmaceutical grade, human grade, and food grade. The reason for this classification system is that while many people think it’s easy to prepare completely pure products, in actual practice most products, except pharmaceutical grade products, are likely to contain some impurities.


Every attempt to purify the product costs more in time and money. A three-tiered system is used to describe the degree of purity of a product.

Food Grade and Human Grade

There is no legal definition of “food grade” or “human grade” raw materials. The FDA requires all raw ingredients and finished products that are intended to be fed to animals or humans to be safe to eat, produced under sanitary conditions, and be truthfully labelled. Most All Products Sold In Health Food Stores Supermarkets and Online Are Food Grade or human grade! They passed USDA inspection and standards as safe to be fed to humans.


Pharmaceutical Grade


The term “pharmaceutical grade” does have a strict legal definition. It refers to compounds and raw ingredients that have met strict standards for purity and processing conditions. These standards are established by the US Pharmacopeia (USP).


An ingredient that is pharmaceutical grade has been verified by an outside agency (not the ingredient’s manufacturer) to be at least 99% pure.


The manufacturing processes and facilities used to produce the product are regularly inspected by the USP to ensure they meet strict standards for quality control.


Random samples are taken of the products and tested to ensure that quality control and purity is maintained over time.


A pharmaceutical grade supplement is guaranteed to be what it says it is. Even low levels of contamination can cause a human-grade product to be deadly to someone with a severe allergy.


Since many people consume the same supplement every day for long periods of time, consuming a human or food-grade supplement daily may expose the user to risks from contaminants. This risk is not present when consuming pharmaceutical grade supplements.




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In addition to the benefit of longer life, The World Health Organization reports that people who take care of their bodies, (maintain good weight, exercise regularly and don't smoke) are more likely to have fewer and shorter periods of ill health while living that longer life. The report was Published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Life Extension Scientists have uncovered new weapons to use in the fight against cancer, as well as most diseases and viruses. A very brief peek into some of them follows:

Colloidal Silver is a suspension of microscopic particles of pure silver, as a colloidal substance. True Colloid of Silver will stay in suspension, and will kill virtually any virus, germ, parasite, fungus or bacteria that may exist in a living entity. In point of fact, no disease causing organism, known to man, can live in the presence of these microscopic particles of Silver.

Smokers & Drinkers Detoxification Formula. If you smoke or drink (or live with a smoker) you can do something to alleviate the damage with a Formula that removes much of the poisons and harm caused by smoking & drinking. It is the only such formula in the world.

Prostate Formula: Research confirms the major cause of prostate enlargement and prostate cancer is the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone and that this can often be blocked by a combination of herbs that actually prevent the transformation. These herbs have been formulated together into a very effective "Prostate Formula".

Cancer: Brazilian scientists have unearthed two cancer cures. A> Dr. Paulo Martin , a medical researcher for the Brazilian government reports. American herbal medicine experts Dr. James Duke, of the National Institute of Health, and Dr. Norman Farnsworth, of the University of Illinois, confirm Martin's claims. "Taheebo (Pau D'Arco) undoubtedly contains a substance found to be highly effective against cancers." B> One drop of Aveloz has been known to destroy a cancerous growth in one day. Five drops taken internally every hour, has been known to eliminate cancerous growths in one week. The hard tumor collapses.

Herpes: Recently, scientists perfected a medication which some researchers believe may prove to be a cure for herpes. Herpecide S2+D!  In 10,000 cases, 81% of the blisters disappeared in half the time, and did not reoccur.

Learn more about these and other new weapons in the war against cancer, aging and disease. For a Peek into what very well may be your future, visit our home page.

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