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More and more Research Scientists are diverting from "traditional" medicine and seeking alternative solutions in the war against aging and disease. As is often the case, the search for a cure for one disease can produce benefits for something totally non related. For example:

A doctor in Finland who had been searching for a skin cancer cure came upon a curious discovery. In testing polysorbate on mice for her research, she saw hair grow back on bald mice. Dr. Illona Schreck-Purola's Helsinki Hair Follicle Treatment With Minoxidil may prove to be an answer to millions of bald and balding men and women.

It is now possible to naturally reverse the graying process by actually replacing lost melanin with a similar acting pigment. This is accomplished by a product called PG 168, formulated by Richard Dykast, Ph.D., which works with the hair's natural chemistry combining with protein inside the hair shaft to gradually replace lost pigment. The result is one's original natural color back.

At Queen's University, doctors found that 26 percent of their subjects given Yohimbine recovered full sexual function after only eight weeks. Aphrodesia has now been proven a Successful Treatment For Impotency. Approaching the stated effectiveness of the much hyped Viagra®.

Perhaps the newest treatment for those seeking youthful skin, is the development of Cellu-C+. Research on this product started in 1992, when at Duke University Medical Center, Professor of Dermatology Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, conclusively proved that L-ascorbic, at a 10% concentration, applied directly to skin, would stimulate the growth of collagen and produce astounding rejuvenating effects, and in time actually result in younger skin; not just younger "looking" skin.

Studies held at John Hopkins, prove conclusively that increasing Growth Hormone levels will "turn back the biological clock by as much as 32 % (more than 20 years) burn fat and increase muscle mass & strength. Slim Trim resulted. Other successful diet products resulting from non related research is: Cal Bloc.

Then there is CoQ10, dubbed "Heart Energy". A heart patient given two weeks to live took it in a study at the Hospital of Rehabilitation in Germany. In five weeks her heart improved dramatically.

Placenta has now been proven to be a safe therapeutic agent with potent regenerating activities on all human tissue. When introduced into humans (internally), it can reinforce deteriorating cells and hence bring back or restore their youth. Besides injections of pure human Placenta, one Placenta product now available is: Placenta Cream Of Youth.

Research at U.C.L.A., confirm that Alpha Hydroxy 's loosen the "cement" that binds cells, causing the top layer of older dead skin to "shed", allowing the healthier, younger, even-looking skin beneath, to emerge. Now there is Image Recovery a real Alpha Hydroxy peel cream. Used with RNA Cream and the new B4 pill which nourishes skin from within, there is little need for Plastic Surgeons.

Learn more about these and other new weapons in the war against aging and disease.

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