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Can We Really Live Longer, Healthier & Younger Lives?

The KOI lives for over 200 years, can you ? Now we know aging is treatable; that immune system can be rebuilt, hearts rejuvenated and science has proven we truly can extend our lives, look, feel and actually be younger.


Why Must We Age? Why is it that the Galapagos Turtle lives hundreds of years, the Sequoia thousands of years; whereas man only averages 79 years, and our friend, the Dog only lasts about 15 years? What is it that makes us grow old and Die?



Until recently, most people believed growing old and dying was "Unavoidable." However, it now appears the assumption many of us held as children, that: "I will never grow old and die. By the time I grow up they will find a cure for that." was not quite as absurd as our parents thought.



Who knew by now we would be growing body parts, taking a pill to cure impotence, drops to make our skin young again, or powder to build muscles and strength? Life Extension did !



Does it all work? Can we truly extend our lives; look, feel and in a very real sense actually become younger? Can we find better ways to improve our health, rebuild our immune systems, and live virtually disease free?


The answer, agreed to by every leading Scientist on earth, is unquestionably "Yes!" We're already doing it! We are already looking younger and living longer than our ancestors ever dreamed possible.


People at 65, that are now on Life Extending Therapies, are in the prime of life. They look and feel younger than those of 40 did just several decades ago. Soon people at 90 will say the same thing. Census reports show the fastest growing segment of the population is now the 80 to 90 year old group. And this is just the beginning. We are now developing new products that will enable us to live longer, healthier and more youthful lives.


Reports from Research Scientists around the world, who are unearthing evidence that it indeed may be possible someday for people to live "Indefinitely" are accessible through Life Extension. The most recent evidence is from Dr. Michael Fossel. In 'Reversing Human Aging' he gives one of many peeks into what may very well be our future.


We invite you to learn about Life Extension and the latest Anti-Aging and disease fighting Medical Breakthroughs. Read on !



We are pleased to give medical information or advice on any health topic! But it’s in writing from a Physician or Scientist, qualified to give it. Not from someone who answers the phone and takes orders! True advisors will not try to sell you anything! They will give specific answers to specific questions. For Information please write or E-mail which is faster. Send E-mail to: [email protected]

PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR ORDERING LINE FOR INFORMATION! The Operators are not qualified.  They Are Just Operators.  Put It In Writing. Please Write (E-mail is best). By Keeping Your Letter And Responding In Writing There Is A Permanent  Record Maintained Of  All  Correspondence,  With  The  Name  And  Position  Of  The  Person  Who  Wrote  The  Letter,  Or  Sent  The  Information.

For information on Research, and  Products for a Healthier, Longer & Younger Life, write to Life Extension: Box 10, Loxahatchee, FL 33470-0010;  or send e-mail to [email protected] [email protected] or [email protected]


   The "Formula"  For  A Longer, Healthier Life

For some time we had to tell people that the Life Extension Formula was temporally discontinued. That was because two of the many pharmaceutical ingredients that make this formula extend life were unavailable at any price, and we thought we would either have to discontinue making it or formulate a different product.


However, we continued to search the world for the two ingredients we needed to continue making The Life Extension formula and at last we found them. One was found in Germany and the other was found in Switzerland. And although these Pharmaceutical ingredients cost us more, and had to be shipped to us from Germany and Switzerland; we DID NOT RAISE THE PRICE OF THE LIFE EXTENSION FORMULA. THIS ORIGINAL LIFE EXTENSION FORMULA IS ONCE AGAIN AVAILABLE TO OUR MEMBERS AND CUSTOMERS.


It was studies by such eminent Research Scientists as Dr. Denham Harman, William Pryor and Johan Bjorksten that first uncovered evidence that certain foods (fats from barbecued meat, is one good example) release extremely reactive unpaired electrons dubbed Free Radicals. These oxidants attack and break down cellular membranes, tissue constituents and our genetic material. The result is accelerated aging and disease.


Next,  Monsanto’s Biology Laboratory, studying  an  antioxidant  “santoquin” in   poultry   feed  discovered  that  the  antioxidant  properties  did  not  just  slow   the  aging  of  the  feed.   The  chickens  that  consumed  it  were  living  three  times   their   “Normal”   Life  Span.


 Thus,  the   “Free  Radical”  theory  of  aging  was  born  and  it  is   now   well  documented. “Antioxidants, dramatically  slow  down  Free  Radical  reactions  and   slow  down  the  aging  process.”


 As  far  back  as  1966,  Dr. Harman  increased  the  life  span  of  mice  by  45%  simply  by  feeding  them  diets  containing  as  little  as 1%  antioxidants.  In  human  terms,  this  equates  to  a  life  expectancy  of  approximately  100  years.


We’ve  learned  now  how  to  “absorb”  the  “internal  radiation”  of  Free Radicals.  Dr. Harman’s  research  has  resulted  in  a  major  breakthrough  in  the  fight  against  aging.  Since then,  studies  continue  with  new  antioxidants  that  have been  found  to  dramatically  increase  life  span.   The  “Life   Extension   Formula”   that  resulted   is  now  widely  used   by  Doctors,    knowledgeable   lay   people  and some lucky pets too.


New research indicates that in addition to antioxidants, certain hormones, like Melatonin and DHEA; some Herbs and Enzymes; and of course supplements like GH-3, can slow down the aging clock and increase human life span. Ultimately, genetic engineering may be the final weapon in the way on aging.


And this is just the beginning. Anti Aging research is now resulting in Medical Breakthroughs so rapidly that it is hard, even for us, to keep up with them.


Those of us fortunate enough to live in this era, and obtain this knowledge, will reap the harvest of longer and more youthful lives.


What, If Any, Other Supplements To Take


This formula is all most people will ever need. It gives the exact balance of all the correct vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients necessary to maintain optimum  health  and  extend life.  


Those  taking  it  have  no  need  for products  like  Coral Calcium.  It’s in there!  By Comparing their Ingredients it is easy to see The Life Extension Formula contains every vitamin, mineral, antioxidant etc. (every single ingredient) that make up Coral Calcium.  And it contains more of those ingredients! More importantly, it does so with pharmaceutical grades and balanced  with  all  the  other  supplements  the  body needs.


Some people also take Anti-Aging products. But such products are not necessary.  They’re  just  an option!

Then  there  are  products  developed  for  those  who  need  to  lose  weight,  lower  cholesterol,  build muscle,  improve  memory,  etc.  But   why  take  a  product,  unless  you  have  a  specific  need ?


Finally, there are products designed to  treat  specific  illnesses  (Aveloz  for  Cancer,  Cositin  for  Arthritis, Vanadyl Therapy  for  diabetics,  etc.). Those suffering from such conditions should consult  with  their  physician  about  these  alternative treatments, and point  Doctors  not  familiar  with them,  to  the  Scientific  Research  behind  a  product’s  development. 

More About The Life Extension Formula

The Life Extension Formula in not just another multivitamin. It is the most potent formula of its kind in the world. It is based on years of scientific research on extending the human life span.


It is recommended that beginners start at half the suggested dosage of nine (9) tablets a day split up between meals and gradually increase. Some may experience a slight "Niacin Flush" which is very healthy sensation, annoying to some and loved by others. This will not occur if the amount taken is reduced slightly.




Anti-Aging Research Scientists taking the formula, and most of the "True Life Extenders" ignore our recommended daily dosage. They take 27 tablets a day. Other people, not as involved in the Anti-Aging movement, take as little as three tablet a day.


Directions: Take With Food! The suggested daily dose is nine (9) tablets a day split up between meals. Beginners may start at half this amount and gradually increase their dose until they reach the suggested amount. Those who eat less should take the Formula with the largest meal of their day.



The Life Extension Formula Ingredients

Each, 9 Tablets Supply

Carotenoid Complex

Vitamin A 5000 IU
Beta Carotene 25,000 IU
Xanthophyll Complex 15,000 IU

B Complex

Vitamin B1 Thiamine 250 Mg.
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin 50 Mg.
Vitamin B3 Niacin 75 Mg.
Niacinamide 100 Mg.
Vitamin B5 Calcium Pentothenate 750 Mg.
Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine HCL 200 Mg.
Vitamin B12 100 Mcg.
PABA 250 Mg.
Folic Acid 450 Mcg.
Biotin 200 Mcg.

Ascorbate Complex

Vitamin C 2,500 Mg.
Vitamin C Ascorbyl Palmitate 250 Mg.
Calcium Orotate 150 Mg.

Electrolyte Mineral Complex

Calcium Aspartate 150 Mg.
Vitamin D3 100 IU
Magnesium Orotate 300 Mg.
Magnesium Aspartate 300 Mg.
Potassium Orotate 50 Mg.

Amino Acid Anti-Oxidant Complex

L-Cysteine 400 Mg.
L-Methionine 100 Mg.
L-Glutathione 15 Mg.

Cholinergic Brain Complex

Choline Bitartrate 500 Mg.
Phosphatidyl Choline 150 Mg.
DMAE 30 Mg.
Inositol 250 Mg.

Flavonoid Complex

Luteolin Complex 50 Mg.
Robinetin Complex 100 Mg.
Myricetin Complex 100 Mg.
Hesperidan Complex 250 Mg.

Supplemental Anti-Oxidants & Nutrients

CoQ-10 10 Mg.
Dilaurylthiodipropionate 25 Mg.
Thiodipropionic Acid 25 Mg.
Bromelain 15 Mg.
Freeze Dried Cabbage Concentrate 250 Mg.

Supplemental Minerals

Zinc Orotate 15 Mg.
Zinc Chelate 15 Mg.
Manganese Gluconate 5 Mg.
Chromium Sulfate. 50 Mcg
Molybdemum (Sodium Molybdate) 125 Mcg.
Iodine (Kelp) 10 Mcg.

Selenium & Tocopherol Anti-Oxidants

Sodium Selenate 50 Mcg.
Seleno-Methionine 50 Mcg.
Vitamin E 500 IU




 Life Extension Formula (135 tablets)


Discount  4  or more Bottles  @  (32.75 ea.)



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The Cancer Fighting Herbal Formula

Anyone who doubts the effectiveness of herbs need simply drink a cup of coffee, or tea, in the morning. Do they think it is just a coincidence that after the drink they went from a sleepy state to being wide awake?


It took over 2000 years of indisputable evidence that herbs "work"; can prevent and cure diseases, and extend life, before "Modern Science" finally joined the band wagon.


Now that they did, they've pulled out all the stops. Herbal Medicine has become one of the fastest growing fields of Scientific Research, with thousands of scientific papers confirming the effectiveness of herbs.


Modern scientists are not simply rediscovering what medical practitioners in Europe & China have known for centuries. They are taking the well established beneficial effects of herbs and finding cures for a variety of ailments, illnesses and diseases, like cancer.


The use of herbal extracts to treat and prevent cancer has received a lot of publicity in 1994 due to the debate between those intent on saving the trees and those in need of the herbs, like Aveloz, that have proven so successful in the treatment and prevention of certain types of cancers.


Cardiovascular researchers, not to be left behind, they are intently using herbal medicine to treat heart disease, stroke and hypertension.


Herbs are also being used successfully for weight loss, indigestion, high cholesterol, stress, psoriasis, infections, depression, insomnia and rebuilding the immune system.

It looks like science has finally realized that mother nature has provided us with the cure for most, if not all, of our illnesses.


With the exception of certain specific herbal medications for cancer and arthritis, we at Life Extension have not offered herbal products in our catalog, (although we've been advising our members to supplement their Life Extending programs with herbs for years).


The reasons we did not are: 1. The pharmaceutical grade herbs we use are very expensive. 2. There are so many of them, that people would not know which to order.


There are 24 herbs known to contain superior antioxidant, Life Extending, and disease preventing properties. The cost and inconvenience of taking all 24 on a regular basis would be prohibitive for most people.


That was then. New advances in production have finally enabled us to formulate a Herbal Formula containing all 24 of these life extending and disease preventing herbal extracts, in a pleasant tasting tea.

The 24 herbs are in the Life Extension Herbal Tea Formula are

ASTRAGALUS 60 mg. SUMA 60 mg.

(for the production of SOD, which, Dr. Richard Cutler of the National Institute on Aging, showed drops sharply as we age).


The Herbal Tea Formula is a blend of these 24 disease preventing (especially cancer) and life extending herbs, in a pleasant tasting tea. It works best if brewed and sipped, like tea. Honey or a natural Sweetener may be added for taste. It may also be mixed in juice or your favorite beverage.

DIRECTIONS:  1 TABLESPOON  DAILY.  While  It   works   mixed   in   juice,   or   your   favorite  beverage, research  by  Dr.  Yoshihide Hagiwara,  who won Japan’s  most  prestigious  Medical  Science  award  for  his  research  involving  antioxidant  enzymes,  suggests these  disease  preventing   and  life  extending  herbs,  in  the  Herbal  Formula  should  be  brewed  in  a  pleasant  tasting  tea  and  sipped !   The   antioxidant  enzymes  in  it  are  absorbed  through  the  throat,  mouth  and  the  stomach.   Honey  or  a sugar substitute  may  be  added  for  taste.


This VERY  POTENT  CANCER   PREVENTING  FORMULA  is  also  a  very   powerful   Life   Extending   supplement.  It  provides   the  brain  with  extra  lift  and  energy,   especially   when   taken   in  the  morning  as  a  substitute  for  breakfast.  For  the  best  results,  brew  and  sip  it,  like  any  good  tea. 




Product # 110

Herbal Formula (9 oz. Powder)


Discount @ 4 or more Bottles (33.65 ea)


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Research by Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, who won Japan's most prestigious Medical Science award for his research involving antioxidant enzymes, suggests that the Herbal Formula should be sipped (never gulped) like tea, because the antioxidant enzymes in it are absorbed through the throat and mouth as well as the stomach. It also works well mixed thoroughly in juice, or your favorite beverage.


This is a VERY POTENT CANCER PREVENTING FORMULA, the herbs in it contain VERY POTENT cancer preventing properties. It is also a very powerful Life Extending supplement. It provides the brain with extra lift and energy, especially when taken in the morning as a substitute for breakfast.




Natural Form GH-3


There is now a new "non drug" version of GH-3. This is possible because we now know that the Procaine in GH-3 breaks down in the body to PABA and DMAE; and studies found that a formulation containing these two active ingredients (if supplemented with certain other active ingredients) produce "the same anti-aging benefits as procaine based GH-3." The PABA goes to work in glands, producing anti-aging compounds, metabolizing proteins, building cells, enhancing the immune system and producing lactobacillus; resulting in stronger, healthier, younger, bodies.


The DMAE penetrates the brain blood barrier. It enhances the production of choline. There is evidence that it may increase levels of acetylcholine, which may be why GH-3 is so effective in aiding brain cellular regeneration & function, sleep patterns and related tasks.


This breakthrough finally makes the benefits of GH-3 available to the average American citizen.

Thousands of Scientific papers on GH-3 have been published. Interested physicians may obtain more information from Life Extension or The National Library of Medicine.


Natural form GH-3 provides the benefits of GH-3 without the legal hassle. It contains DMAE & PABA, plus 11 other active ingredients to enhance assimilation and improve performance. It should always be taken on an empty stomach.


INGREDIENTS:  Each Tablet: DMAE 100mg. Tyrosine 100mg. Chondroitin Sulfate 65mg. PABA 50 mg. Glutamine 50mg. Phosphatidyl Choline 50mg. Taurine 50 mg. Magnesium (Carbonate) 50mg. Ascorbyl Palmitate 50mg. Ginkgo Biloba: 25mg. Vitamin E 30mg. B6 15mg. B12 .1mg.

DIRECTIONS: Two Tablets daily. Always take on an empty stomach. Best to take        before retiring each night.


Life Extension  Natural Form GH-3


Product # 115

 * Natural Form GH-3 (60 Tablets)


Discount @ 4 or more Bottles  (22.70 ea)


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DHEA: The Anti-Aging Hormone

Now In Capsules

Dr. Abbie Knowlton, Professor of Medicine at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, who has been studying DHEA for over 50 years, was one of the first Scientists to point out the drastic decline of DHEA in the body as we age. She noticed that this decline never levels off, and in seeking factors missing in an aging body, that are abundant in a young body, the absence of DHEA screamed to be noticed. To quote Dr. Knowlton: " It is hard to ignore something that is in such great abundance when we are young and presumably healthy, and in such short supply when we are old, and presumably not so healthy. "


Dr. Samuel Yen at the University of California at San Diego, in his studies involving DHEA in the aged, found that supplementing the bodies low levels of DHEA with daily doses of DHEA resulted in improved well-being, increased mobility, less joint pain, and sounder sleep.


Dr. Michael Freedman, Chief of Geriatric Medicine at NYU Medical center, reports that DHEA:  "is like a parent hormone; when it drops, as i we age, it causes a lot of other hormones to drop as well."


Scientists have long suspected that the ultimate weapon in the war on aging would be Hormone replacement therapy. They have known since 1988, that the adrenal gland hormone DHEA can prevent cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, obesity and Parkinson's disease; as well as greatly enhance the immune system. In controlled tests DHEA has increased the life span of laboratory animals by 50% and most anti-aging scientists believe that its disappearance from the body is one of the main reasons people age.


The level of DHEA in humans is at its peak by the time we are eighteen; then steadily declines. By the time we reach seventy, DHEA levels are barely detectable.


The New England Journal Of Medicine recently published the results of a double blind study in which men with increased levels of DHEA had a "forty eight percent drop in heart disease risk and a thirty six percent decrease in death by any cause."


At Temple University, Dr. Arthur Schwartz has shown that when DHEA was fed to mice it increased their life spans from 24, to 36 months (equivalent to an increase of 40 years in human life span).


Additionally, the mice took on the characteristics of young mice and had far less occurrences of diseases associated with aging.


DHEA supplies hormones associated with longevity. Biochemist Dr. Norman Applezweig believes that DHEA slows the body's production of nucleic acids which are responsible for disease and aging.


To quote Endocrinologist Dr. John Nestler of the Medical College of Virginia: "As humans grow older, we get fat, cancer, heart disease; our cholesterol goes up. All the things that happen to us are things that DHEA combats in animals."


Although the body's production of DHEA drops sharply as we age, the situation is not hopeless. DHEA can be replaced, either by a natural precursor supplement (a herb that has been found to contain the highest known natural concentration of DHEA in the world), or by actually taking the DHEA hormone itself, which is "finally" legal in the US.


The herbal extract is from a rare plant: "Dioscorea Villosa". It is a source of androgens and estrogen that stimulates hormonal activity. It provides the body with extra DHEA and all its anti-aging and disease fighting benefits, safely. This "Natural Source" DHEA is available from Life Extension.


The pure Pharmaceutical Hormone "Dehydroepiandrosterone" (DHEA) that was heretofore only available in the US by prescription, has been replaced by Natural Source" DHEA from Life Extension, because of evidence it may possibly increase the risk of prostate cancer.


The older you are, the less DHEA you have. Scientific experiments indicate that there is a direct relationship between the level of DHEA a person has and that person's ability to fight off disease.


DHEA's ability to protect against viral infections is well documented. There is evidence that DHEA aids in the production of T-cells and Scientists are now testing DHEA's ability to fight the AIDS virus.


As we grow older, the thymus gland shrinks, T-cell production is reduced and our immune system declines, making us susceptible to disease and eventually, Death.


In controlled studies, DHEA protects the thymus gland by retarding the shrinkage of this vital gland, which is responsible for the production of T-cells, the immune systems "Army". Most Scientists involved in the study of aging now believe that at least theoretically, increasing the level of DHEA could dramatically increase human life span and reduce the risk of disease.


High levels of insulin, result in lower levels of DHEA. Diabetics, therefore, require additional DHEA. Dr. Schwartz's tests reveal that DHEA balances blood sugar levels; and research at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor Maine, revealed that the elevated blood sugar level of obese and diabetic laboratory animals returned to normal after receiving DHEA.


In a study conducted by biochemist Terence T. Yen, at Eli Lilly's laboratories, obese mice lost weight dramatically without changing their eating habits, after being fed DHEA. The calories were converted to heat, rather than fat.


Dr. Schwartz reports this ability to Induce weight loss enables DHEA to prevent cancer through a mechanism similar to that which retards cancers in caloric restricted animals.


DHEA has been dubbed "The Anti-Aging Hormone" because it is believed that the level of DHEA is directly related to a persons likelihood to develop one of the diseases associated with the aging process. It is considered a yardstick in measuring a persons potential longevity.


Natural Source DHEA In Capsules


Life Extension now offers ONLY Natural Source DHEA! Pharmaceutical DHEA has been discontinued because of concerns of possible reactions and cancer risks for individuals who have shown a tendency to take more than directed in the belief that more is better. It is not!  This formula contains the highest known “Natural Source” of DHEA! It is designed to aid the body in producing DHEA naturally. Taking “Natural Source” to get DHEA is like eating an orange to get Vitamin C. One cannot overdose taking Natural Source DHEA. A special Precursor formulation containing a concentration of Dioscorea Villosa, the richest source of Natural DHEA known to man; and other ingredients formulated as a natural source of DHEA replacement.


INGREDIENTS: Per Capsule: Dioscorca Villosa from wild yam 250mg. GABA 75mg. Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid 75mg. Glycine 75mg. Saw Palmetto 75 mg. NOTE: NOW IN CAPSULES!

DIRECTIONS: Take one to 2 Capsules daily, With Food.



Product # 120

 * Natural Source DHEA 60 Capsules


Discount @ 4 or more Bottles  (13.25 ea)




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Life Extension's Natural Source DHEA, contains the highest known natural concentration of DHEA, (Dioscorca Villosa); GABA; Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid; Glycine; and Saw Palmetto; in the exact proportions and concentrations for this natural source of androgen and estrogen to stimulate hormonal activity. It provides the anti-aging and disease fighting benefits of additional DHEA, safely.


Each capsule of Life Extension's "Pharmaceutically Pure DHEA" contains 50 Mg. of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) HPLC tested to guarantee 100% Pharmaceutical grade purity.


Scientific References: There have been over 2600 scientific reports filed on the referenced benefits of DHEA to date. More research is being conducted and papers published monthly. The best source for reviewing the scientific literature on this subject is the MEDLARS, at the National Library of Medicine; U.S. Department of Health. The following is a partial list of references relied upon and are recommended as a starting point for those interested in conduction research on this subject:


Gorner, P. & Kotulak, R. (1991) Youth drugs give old dreams new life. Hoffmann, D. (1990). The New Holistic Herbal. Rockport, MA: Element, p. 241. Loria, 1988 (DHEA stimulates T-Cells. BEN NATHAN 1991, DHEA modifies host resistance mechanisms. DHEA as an adjunct HIV therapy (Henderson, 1992). Low DHEA associated with HIV (Jacobson, 1991). DHEA effect on Epstein-Barr virus (Henderson, 1981). DHEA blocks lipoplysaccharide (Danenberg, 1992). DHEA regulates the production of interleukin-2 to improve immune function (Rasmusssen, 1991). Production of autoantibodies significantly restrained by DHEA (Lucas, 1985). DHEA resulted in significantly lessened dexamethasone induced thymic atrophy (Blauer, 1991). Thymus improved regulatory control over functional capabilities of mature recirculating T-Cells when repotentiated by DHEA (Wiedmeier, 1991). DHEA's anti-diabetic actions (Nestler, 1992). DHEA and reduced gluconeogenesis (McIntosh, 1991). DHEA increases sensitivity to insulin (Coleman, 1984). DHEA ameliorates effects of diabetes (Coleman, 1982). Rats genetically predisposed to diabetes do not develop the disease when given DHEA (Gordon, 1987). DHEA believed to produce its antiobesity effects of its antiglucocorticoid activity (Wright, 1992). See also: DHEA reports by: Berdanier, 1993. Yen, 1977. Cleary, 1986. Mohan, 1990. Nester, 1988. Schultz, 1992. Pashko, 1984. Pasko, 1985. Schwartz, 1981. Gordon, 1993. Stahi, 1992. Gordon, 1991. Bulbrook, 1971. Regelson, 1988. Regelson, 1990. Eich, 1993. Ruiz Salmeron, 1992. LaCroix, 1992. Herrington, 1990. Srzednicka, 1989. Buster, 1992. Nasman, 1991. Bologa, 1987. Roberts, 1987 & 1988. Slowinska-Srzednicka, 1989. Buster, 1982. Nasman 1991. Rudman 1990. Flood 1992. Tollerfson, 1990. Daynes, 1993. Araneo, 1993b. Barrett-Conner, 1986. Regelson, 1986. Schwartz, 1988. Pashko, 1991. McIntosh, 1993.


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