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The Life Extension Report is directed to the medical professional. It reports on research, findings and opinions of scientists throughout the world.

This publication is intended solely for educational purposes, not for diagnosis nor prescribing. It should not be used by individuals not knowledgeable in the subject matter unless under the care and guidance of a Physician or Nutritionist.

While Life Extension may concur with the works of anti aging scientists like Ana Aslan, Durk Pearson, Sandy Shaw, Drs. Harman, Pryor, Bjorksten, Schreck-Purola, Zung, Hudson, Rothschild, Roop, Dycast, Niehans and Chrtistiaan Barnard, as well as all the other Doctors and Scientists referred to in its Medical Reports and literature, it has absolutely no affiliation, or financial arrangement with these or any other independent researchers; nor is it responsible for the information or articles, which are reprinted from medical journals and other scientific publications.

Some reports are on new research and the testing of new substances or products not yet available to the general public.

Clinical investigations designed to obtain evidence that a product is safe and effective for a new use must comply with FDA requirements governing the introduction of "new drugs" and no claims or representations can be, or herein are, made regarding said use. The reader should note that:

  1. We can not diagnose your condition or give Medical advice without seeing you. The best we can do here is report on the results obtained around the world by physicians using certain products for the treatment of cancer and other ailments.

  2. Scientific Research behind the development of products designed to extend human life span is complex, as is information on Alternative treatments for cancer, AIDS, Arthritis and a host of other diseases and ailments. While the following pages explain in Scientific detail what a product is intended for, space prevents all of the Scientific References, literature and Research from being displayed here.

  3. While it is believed that the products described herein are the purest and highest quality formulations in the world, no guarantees or claims are offered. Life Extension assumes no responsibility for the use of the products or information herein offered, nor the possible effects of their use. Through acceptance of delivery the buyer accedes to the assumption of all such ensuing responsibility.

  4. As a physician prescribing penicillin would not consider returning it to the pharmacist if he later decided to use another drug; It is assumed that those purchasing through this catalog are familiar with the product information and will not order a product until they are aware of what it is intended for, and know what results to reasonably expect from its use; because we do not accept returns unless, of course, a product is received damaged in any way, in which case simply notify us for an immediate refund or replacement.

Why is there no money back guarantee? 

Marketing companies making absurd claims like “take this pill and loose 30 lbs. overnight” offer money back guarantees as an inducement to buy their products. They expect a certain percentage of returns and absorb them as part of their marketing strategy. This is a numbers game most people are aware of and recognized research firms do not play.

Our policy, which is world famous and has been, for over 100 years. It is in all of our catalogs and literature, has always been no returns. As we sell primarily to Medical Professionals and Nutritionists who are familiar with our products and long history of excellence, this issue rarely comes up. They know exactly what is in a product and what to reasonably expect from its use, prior to ordering it.

After well over 100 years of researching and producing products for health, Life Extension does not offer a product that has not undergone extensive testing. 

Life Extension conducts research into the causes of aging and age related illnesses and diseases. We inform the world of medical breakthroughs before they occur and we make the products that make you look, feel and actually "become" younger.

A few of the subjects and/or products, in this section, that you may have an interest in, are: Birth Defects, Enlarged Prostate, Complexion, Extending Life, Erections, Fat, Proanthocyanidins, White Blood Cells, Yohimbe, Yeast Infection, Wonder Drugs, Weight Control, Endostatin, Tear Production, Stimulate, Spina Bifida.

Life Extension provides research information on Alternative Health, Alternative Medicine, Alzheimer’s, Anti Aging Products, Antioxidants, Arthritis, Aveloz, Balding, BHT, Cell Therapy, Chelation, Cholesterol, Chromium, Collagen, Colloidal Silver, DNA, Creatine, Cysteine, Depression, Detoxification, DHA, DHEA, Diabetes, Diet Pill, Diet Products, DMAE, DMSO, EDTA, Enlarged Prostate, Enzymes, Fat, Free Radicals, GH-3, Ginko Bilobia, Glaucoma, Hair Loss, Hair Pigment, Nails, Hearing, Helsinki Formula, Health Products, Herbs, Herpes, HGH, Holistic Medicine,Hormones, Hypertrophy, Human Growth Hormone, Human Placenta, Impotence, Immune System, IQ, Konjac Root, Libido, Longevity, Melanin, Melatonin, Memory Loss, Minerals, Minoxidil, Muscle Growth, Muscle Strength, Finger Nails, Nutrition, Osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s, PG’s, PMS, Prostate Cancer, PSA, RNA, Selenium, Sex Drive,  Skin Care, Smoking, Somatotropin, Taheebo, Testosterone, Tinnitus, Toxins, Tumors, Viruses, Vitamins, Weight Loss, and Yohimbine.

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