An Open Letter To Physicians

Dear Doctor:

Dr. Ronald Molluzzo is an M.D. formerly of George Washington University and now in private practice specializing in Internal medicine, and also the Chief of Medicine at North Broward Hospital. He is the close friend of our CEO, but they have been arguing for over twenty years.

You see, Dr. Molluzzo went to Medical School back when the FDA was telling the world that people can get all the nutrition they need from the food they eat. Like all doctors from that era, he believed the low RDA's were sufficient, and taking greater amounts would simply result in healthy urine.

If this sounds familiar, you too likely went to medical school when virtually nothing about the benefits of nutritional supplementation was mentioned. You likely also told your patients to "just eat a good diet." Now, if you're like Dr. Molluzzo and the thousands of physicians like him, you know better.

Hardly a day goes by without new evidence confirming the fact that certain vitamins, anti-oxidants and other nutritional supplementation can extend our lives, prevent disease, reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack, and reverse the symptoms of arthritis, Alzheimer's, diabetes and so many other ailments.

Life Extension knew for many years that certain nutrients would afford humans longer and much healthier lives. However, until recently Scientists investigating the possibilities of reversing the aging process, and curing many of the worlds illnesses with nutritional supplementation and alternative medications, were in the same situation as physicists in the 1940's who knew we could land men on the moon, but afraid to advertise this knowledge for fear of being ridiculed.

Now things have changed! Nobel Prize winning eminent Scientists who have long believed that aging itself is treatable, are telling the world. Physicians in Europe and Asia are now taking advantage of research into products that have proven to extend human life and alternative solutions to cancer, AIDS and many other diseases. And Ron finally came to say: "I owe you an apology. You were right."

How does this effect you? Many of our members, Medical Professionals and educated lay people alike, are now taking advantage of recent breakthroughs in anti-aging research by taking formulas discussed in scientific publications. They are following programs to extend their lives and using alternative medications and treatments to cure many previously incurable illnesses. However, we advise our members to only undertake such programs under the guidance of a knowledgeable physician, with medical check-ups and follow up blood tests.

If you're truly interested in anti-aging research and alternative medicine, and would like to learn more about it or about the Life Extension movement and possibly become more involved, we invite you to join our growing list of doctors worldwide.

Please contact us at Life Extension for further information.

Life Extension conducts research into the causes of aging and age related illnesses and diseases. We inform the world of medical breakthroughs before they occur and we make the products that make you look, feel and actually “become” younger.

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Memo to: Doctors

Subject: Participating as a Life Extension Doctor:

This memo is written in response to the many queries we've received from doctors interested in learning more about participating as a life extension doctor on our nationwide list of doctors who follow the principals of preventative medicine and are knowledgeable of advances in anti aging research.

The program is very simple. If you are a licensed practicing physician, and send us a brief note, on your letterhead, indicating your field of expertise and your desire to be listed, we will place your name on our list of life extension doctors and give your name to our members who reside in your area and are looking for a doctor to help them follow their own particular life extending program. Most of these people are healthy individuals in need of regular blood tests and check ups. However, there are many people who come to us with cancer, arthritis, serious heart conditions etc. Those individuals, of course, are referred by us, or by you, to physicians specializing in those fields.

There is nothing for you to buy, no dues fees or other expense; nor is there a commitment on your part to do anything. This service is offered only as a courtesy to our customers and to doctors interested in the field of anti-aging.

If you do desire to purchase products for your own use, or to administer to your patients, there is a special discount for physicians on our list. Additionaly, we will keep you informed on advances in this field, or at least advise you on where and how you can obtain the latest information.

That's it!! All we ask is that you at least familiarize yourself with works on "Life Extension", and keep up on advances in the exciting field of anti-aging research. There is nothing more to it, and the rewards are tremendous.

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