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1: Help: You or your Doctor, may Consult (by letter or e-mail) with a Life Extension Doctor or Scientist concerning an illness you or a loved one may suffer from. There is no charge or obligation. There are limits for non- members. Doctors seeking to join our worldwide list of Doctors, may e-mail us at



2: Direct from Life Extension. NO Distributors, Sales Or Marketing People. No Middlemen At All. We do not advertise nor multi-level market. By offering our products directly to consumers eliminating all middlemen, they receive far superior products at much lower prices. 

3: Access to Medical Breakthroughs you probably don’t know about that offer the possibility of real effective healing, and new ways to fight disease and  produce longer, healthier, younger lives.


4: Only Pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Unlike Products Sold in Health Food Stores or by “Marketing” Companies, which are made with “Food Grade” ingredients! Pharmaceutical ingredients are free of impurities; assimilate into the body better and provide far more effective results than may be obtained from food grade ingredients which often contain toxins like lead.


5: Treatments & Products Not Available To The General Public. Information on the availability of revolutionary formulas and treatments to retard aging and fight disease is available through Life Extension’s INNER CIRCLE! Ana Aslan’s Original GH-3 to reverse aging; DMSO for Cancer, Arthritis, Disease and Injuries; GH-3D the revitalizing chelating holistic therapy; RNA/DNA Cell Therapy for Revitalization, and Degenerative diseases  Allergies, Asthma, Sexual Disorders and Depression; Human Placenta’s regenerating activity on human tissue.


6: Original Formulations: Attempts to imitate Life Extension products fail miserably! They are unique patented formulas. There are attempts to copy our name, and unique products. “Knock-Offs” are hyped. But they are not even close. Our formulas and pure ingredients can’t be matched, and are not available anywhere else at any price.


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TO EXTEND LIFE! The foundation of All Anti-Aging & Life Extending  programs.

The Herbal Formula

Cancer Prevention, "Brain Aging" & Energy

 þ* Natural Form GH-3

Aging, Depression, Memory, Arthritis, Impotence

Growth Hormones

Aging, Depression, Memory, Arthritis, Impotence


Aging, Immune System, Alzheimer's, Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, et al.

Vanadyl Sulfate

Diabetes, "Muscle Aging" and "Muscle Development"

Ginkgo Biloba

Memory & IQ, Hearing, Eyesight, Circulatory Disorders, Aging, Alle